Thursday, July 11, 2013

Friday Ramblings

I'm gonna start writing this post again.
The first go around I sounded like a whiny baby.

Life is funny, isn't it?
Some weeks are full of camp and fun:

my husband and I spent the 4th at Balboa Island on a bike and visited my old arcade hangout

my favorite picture of the summer so far.

Some weeks are full of art and completing assignments for the Make Art That Sells class:

Some weeks are not.
When we brought Brenna home from camp, this ended up being her welcome home package:

This is where I previously scratched most of my last post.
While life is not all summer camp and 24 hour fun, it's not horrible. 

Well, some days are horrible, but not horrific.
There, that's better.
Brenna and I both had fabulous times at our "camps". Unfortunately for B, she came home with a whopper sinus infection.
Popsicles help.

Writing letters to your counselor helps as well.

notes to a camp counselor help....

Brenna and I have still had long, lazy days...they are just filled with kleenex and eye drops.
I've finished the Make Art That Sells class this week as well.
You would THINK I have used these last few days to create and create.
I have learned a good lesson:
I create well under pressure or when I have an assignment.
When left with having to give myself an assignment and too many days cooped up in the house, I flounder.

The assignment I gave myself was to learn PhotoShop or Illustrator and take part B of the Make Art That Sells class in October.

Enter whining and having too much time to think things through.

I'm too old.
Whatever is left of my brainpower will be GONE if I learned PhotoShop.
Do I want to expand my art?
Do I just want to continue doing shows?
Do I have the courage to submit my art to different companies?
Do I have the courage to face "no's" and get better enough to hear a yes?

My friend reminded me of one of our favorite Anne Lamott quotes:
"My mind is like a bad neighborhood I try not to go in alone."
It fits right now with the dichotomy of our summer weeks, the end of a class, sinus infections, and rain of all things today. (whining...)

So.....I put together a short list of what made me happy or laugh this week, in the midst of nose sprays, cough syrup and enough kleenex to sail to the New World.

Summer nights on our back patio, reading underneath the twinkle lights.

 Frozen yogurt helps.
Especially late at night under the twinkle lights.

Summer fruit.

Watching Netflix with Brenna. I'm hooked on Malcom In The Middle.
 It makes me laugh SO.HARD. 
I think it's because I can relate to so much dysfunction and grew up with a very strange sense of humor. A very strange part of me wishes I grew up in their house. I would totally know how to function, but it would be way, way more fun because the DYSfunction isn't fueled by alcohol. The other part wishes I could have grown up getting in so much trouble but having a blast doing it.
I know, it's t.v.
But it sure is funny.

this always makes me happy

Here's a confession:
I love going to the drugstore, especially in the summer.
I read in a magazine that a beauty secret is to wear black eyeliner on top of your eyelid and brown on the bottom of your eye. I forget why, but I decided to try it anyway. Just because it's fun buying something in a drugstore, especially new makeup.

 I felt a little like a zebra, but I thinks it's just me. I'm sure it makes me look ten years younger or something like that.
Good thing I don't do everything I read in those beauty secrets.
What ding-dong has decreed it wrong for any woman over the age of 35 to wear face powder?

Last but not least,
Gluten free Snickerdoodles.
Not quite like the real deal, but close enough.

Put a list together for yourself of what makes you happy.
Then go DO it!
And share it with us in the comments..I like adding to my list!!


  1. Ahhhh. Brave Girl Friends make me happy. Glimpses into your life always make me smile. Love you dear friend......

  2. okay I saw the skee ball pic and had to come see what was going on.
    Then I see it is balboa pier and that was our fun spot too. So many hours spent playing skee ball there. I haven't played in so long and just the other day after bowling we went into the arcade and my first throw hit the 10,000 corner slot, yep still got it. LOL We must go play a round some day.
    I am so sorry it has been a stressful week for you. Life is giving us all a handful lately and it is all about how we deal with it. Your art should help you relieve the pressures not add more. Girl, you ARE good you must believe in yourself. You have been published and that shows you had the strength and did it.
    I guess I am just trying to say, once you break free and just live for the day it comes so naturally and fun. I have learned to stop looking at what others have and do and live for me and my family. It was a hard road traveled to have a break thru but I wouldn't change a thing now that I am at my destination.
    I only wish you the best and all the yes's in the world.

  3. So real life...hope Brenna feels better soon! I am trying to go with the flow this summer and truly be present and enjoy all the family gatherings. I actually went tubing last weekend...and it was fun! My daughter's wedding is only 3 weeks (!!!) away, and I know it will be a most happy time...now if I can just decide on a dress lol! XO

  4. There must be some bad juju going on in the art universe- second post I've read today about self doubt. I believe it's the nature of the artist!!! But you are so right to focus on the good things-gratitude never fails.some of my happy: Dairy Queen drive thru on Friday night in P.J.'s, the smell of fresh mown grass at dusk, a cold shanty-half beer, half lemonade on crushed ice, the county fair, sliced farm stand peaches on French Vanilla ice cream. Hope things are looking brighter for you!

  5. So sorry to hear Brenna came home with a sinus infection. That doesn't sound fun at all. One way that I get myself in a better mood is to read a board I have in pinterest. It call Live happy. All kinds of uplifting quotes there. Photoshop is enough to make anyone crazy.. I keep on trying to play in PS as well..

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  6. OK, my mind did the ramble as I read this. That was the point, right? I'm sorry Brenna came home sick! I don't know what it is about camp, but it just seems to do that. I love the idea of making the list. (Yeah, like I need one more list. I know...) And what is this about face powder? I use mineral powder. Maybe that passes the fifty test better because it's all mineral-y, kind of like mud, but not.

    And the biggie: I'm all about the eyeliner thing and will likely not rest until I try it. Who comes up with that kind of stuff, though? I mean, who looks at their eyes and thinks, "I know! Let's use two different colors of eyeliner!"

  7. We love Malcom in the Middle over here and last summer we rewatched every episode! It's hilarious! You will never be too old to expand your art, and EVERYONE should see it! You most definitely should submit it to more companies, because it is amazing, as are you. I hope you and Brenna are all better by now. Have a fabulous weekend! love, t.xooxox