Thursday, October 9, 2014

Friday Ramblings: The Wedding

No artwork this week, but as promised, wedding photos.

I'm not sure I will do this post justice. There are just too many feelings and emotions I am STILL trying to process, to recall, to let soak into my heart and mind.
I'll just recap the highlights I can recall!

You guys.
We have a SON!!!!!!!!!!!
(A good thing to be able to recall.)

The temperature being 105. Stupid hot.
Holding the back of my daughter's dress and running to the bathroom. No, really. RUNNING. She was afraid the groom would see her.

When I began to walk down the aisle, I made eye contact with a dear friend, and that's all it took. I couldn't stop weeping. Tears just leaked out. Leaked. They didn't stop for two days.

These beautiful girls. 
In my house for five days.
Yes, I cried when they left. 
So what. You would have, too.

Each one of the bridesmaids giving the groom a special, distinct look as they came down the aisle.
Brenna's smile as she entered right before her sister-oh, Lord, have mercy. I thought her face would split.

The moon rising and the temperature going down, giving us a magical evening as the lights twinkled.
Sweating on the dance floor like I was in Mexico.

Candle light.
Good music
Great food

Maybe an illegal firework or two.
Friends on their knees cleaning up confetti from the grass.
People pitching in to gather, box up and move so. much. stuff.
Another friend, his tie slung over his shoulder and his shirt sleeves rolled up while he helped in the kitchen.

 In the blink of an eye, it was finished and we found ourselves scrambling to clean up in an hour what took weeks and weeks (and weeks) to put together.
But the memories?
Ah, well.
They last forever and get sweeter over time.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Friday Rambling: Pre-Wedding Jitters

I found a spoon in my purse the other day.
I have no idea how the spoon got in my purse, but I do know it was not a clean spoon and yes, it was from my house.
While writing this post, I'm realizing it's still in my purse.
Such is life a week and a couple of days before my eldest daughter's wedding.

It's full of:
 Lists, lists and more lists.
Color coded lists. 
Lists in my car, in a notebook, one taped on the wall in the family room.

The latter being my favorite.
It's color coded and I make BIG MARKS when I cross something off.
I got so excited, I crossed off something that my husband had finished which upset him as it was HIS chore to be crossed off. I stole that fabulous feeling of accomplishment.
He was pretty disappointed. 
I tried making it up to him the next day and offered for him to cross off my stuff, but he declined.
I guess it just wasn't the same.

Let's see...
there's making my kitchen look like a bomb went off.
Oh, wait. 
That was from baking with my sweet friend Paula.
We knocked out 16 dozen gluten free cookies and 8 dozen gluten free fudge brownies.

After this day, I have free advice to mothers of young daughters:
Pray that Pinterest will be out of existence by the time your girls get married.
It will threaten your sanity in a severe way.
I'm all for DIY, but oh my.....

Shopping helps to break up the Pinterest craziness and the realization that EVERYTHING YOU DO WILL TAKE 2-3 TIMES LONGER THAN YOU THINK.

Weeks full of wedding prep need side trips with Brenna to make me realize the meaning of "a really good day."

Estate sales might add to the insanity, but as long as you are driving to sixteen stores and have only two hours, you might as well stop.

Cause you will find something for everyone, making it a 
"A really good day"

Holding fast to faith and expressing it through some quick painting during a full week is a good thing.
Seriously-even if all I do is paint chalkboard paint on something or stain a box- it helps.

Drinking something ice cold and a little sweet is fun. If, however, it has caffeine and you don't normally drink caffeine it isn't particularly recommended.
 BUT when you make 21 center pieces outside and it's 102 degrees at the end of flipping September you just can't help yourself.
and i only drank half.

Later in the week, the fulness in the week was made better by gathering with friends and working on projects. It is priceless, humbling and makes one truly grateful.

As full as this week and a half has been, it's gonna get FULLER!!!!!!!!!
I'll be offline to celebrate our daughter's wedding and finish up those lists....
Have a wonderful Friday and I'll be back soon to post pictures.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Real

Today I am inspired by my Fall Issue of Darling Magazine
Have you seen it?
Find it. 
Absorb it.
It's fabulous.

charcoal, ink and gel transfer. photo not retouched.

The entire issue uses photographs of women that HAVE NOT BEEN RETOUCHED.
Now there's a novel concept.
A couple of things about the photos stood out to me. One being the hands.
The beauty in the lines of a hand at work!
And the lines by the eyes? Those dreaded lines?
Utterly beautiful.
Because they show when the people are smiling, and you realize those people are REAL- their lines have been wrought through smiling and sunshine, laughter and big, goofy grins.

acrylic, dylusions spray,  ink and Promarker. photo not retouched.

Which then brings me to think about my daughter, who, in less than a month, is getting married.
Last night, she came home for a quick trip to get some wedding planning done.
As many of you know, it's not an easy thing planning a wedding. The emotions run the gamut several times over and I find myself physically opening my hands over and over and over to remind myself of many things, but the most profound reminder is of letting go. 

I'm letting go in a way I have never done before as a parent.
This might sound cheesy, but as I open my hands to let go, I realize there is room. With that room, I welcome in a new person. 
With much joy.

charcoal, stabilo pencil in black, Montana paint pen, Faber-Castell Big Brush artist pen. photo not retouched.

I'm letting go of pride, control and the pace.
It will be a six hour -weepy- dance like crazy- laughter filled time.
If we were to have no flowers or decorations or dresses, guess what?
The most important part is that we show up and witness an amazing beginning.
Then celebrate it.

ink, acrylic paint and Heidi Swapp color shine spray in coral. photo not retouched.

In these crazy, emotional days, I say, @darlingmagazine, thank you for the reminder that in using photos that have not been retouched, it makes me look at my own life in a real way. 
In so doing, I am able to
see beauty, grace, weakness and strength. 
Which then prompts me to open my hands and embrace and celebrate these things just a little more each day.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday Ramblings: A New Art Journal

What a week. SO FULL!!
The days start early and end early. 
I had renamed Brenna grumpy butt and myself whiny britches, but I think we are pulling out of that.
What better way to pull out than with some art.
And sleep.
 For once, the sleep has won out, but the art is a close second.

I discovered a little community on Face Book called Journaling Bible Community and the Pinterest page of the Blogger, Shanna Noel.
I was instantly drawn to using a Bible as an art journal.

I rummaged around and found this Bible that I have had for at least 20 years.

Which you can see by the broken binding and the general wear and tear. 
I haven't wanted to get rid of this one because it has so many memories for me of constantly going back to it to find what I needed to do those early child raising years well.

I found some packaging paper I have saved and took some india ink and a paint brush to it, once again reveling in repetition.

I dug around and found some book binding tape I had purchased long ago for some forgotten project and taped it to the binding of the Bible.

I chose three colors just for simplicity's sake and went to town.

I used acrylic paints and some acrylic paint markers and then went over some details with a black marker.

After that, I cut out squares a little larger than the cover and glued it on, folding over the inside cover.
I debated about covering the book binding, and then chose to cut a strip to glue over it to complete the cover.

Yes, I had to do this twice thanks to my sleep deprived self.

I added sheet music to finish it off. 
Pretty proud to say that only took one cut.

I finished off the outside with a coat of decoupage and smoothed it over with an old hotel key card. Then tried desperately to not think of summer vacation.

Then the fun really kicked in: 

In this particular edition, there are spaces that have small devotional writings, so I covered those with Gesso and went to work art journaling.
A little water color, a little stamping, a little Aquarelle Marker and black ink pen. Oooh-white gel pen, too!

The next page I just covered part of the devotional with white acrylic paint. I think I'll like this better as the Gesso I have is a little rough. I ended up gluing on a piece of sheet music that I drew on over the paint, so I'll have to try it again and see what I think.

I looooove doing this. I can forget all the rules and play.
No small notes on the side margins that I can't see.
No yellow highlighter.
No highlighter, period.

It's all about ink and paint and I even tried running a page through the sewing machine. 
It didn't work very well, but who cares? I tried it. Maybe I'll hand stitch instead.
hmmmm...better wait until I have more sleep under my belt.

My advice? 
Go for it!
 Find an old book, an old Bible, maybe an old dictionary or a thrift store book and go to town.
Use acrylics, stamps, scrapbook stuff, glue, decoupage, markers, you name it.
It's all yours and there are no rules.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Balancing Act

So, I had a great idea for a blog post yesterday. It was something about rain and how it cleans our brains and there is nothing like an amazing summer thunderstorm.
The theme of the rain was supposed to coincide with anxiety and letting go and how I've found relief in a tutorial from Fran's blog about lettering and isn't it a little strange to find (compulsive) repetitive motion a way to let my mind wander.

That was before I was thrown into what I call the end of summer, which for me is like, oh, I don't know...torment.
Instead, I'll ramble in a true fashion and show you pretty pictures.

Bus pick up time for the new transitional program Brenna is entering at our local high school:
6:30 am
Wake up time for mom?
Now, I like to think of myself as a morning person. But this is not true and has been reinforced all through out my day today.

We find out that the real bus pick up time 
 is somewhere around 7:00
Many thanks to the bus driver for changing what she had told in the beginning and then not telling me later. Many. Many thanks.

List of anxious thoughts for mom-
 (which lead to liking repetitive and small motions in art and lettering)
waking up early and havoc it will wreak on Brenna
new program
new teacher
learning job skills
waking up early and the havoc it will wreak on Brenna
IEP meetings
juggling early morning wake ups and doctor appts., and night time activities, which apparently now will be non-existent.
hoping that this program will do what it says it will do and teach my child life skills and job skills.
Anxious thoughts for Brenna:

She came home today full of smiles and excitement over lots of activities at school and promptly snapped my head off.
See above for list for life skills and wreaking havoc.

I'm sure by next week I will have found that whining does no good, be fully in the groove of a new season and actually rejoicing at the early wake up time and HOW MUCH I CAN GET DONE DURING THE DAY!!!
I'm sure by next week, I'll have so much art work done, it will astound you. And me.
By next week, Brenna will have a job at Trader Joe's. Or the movie theater, and on top of that she won't be snapping my head off when she comes in the door.

Until then, I'm going to bed at 4:00 in the afternoon.

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