Thursday, November 20, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Pre-Sale Peek!

Literally? This is my studio right now.
Not sure if its good or bad, but I am creating up a storm and enjoying it!

In case you haven't heard, beginning Black Friday and running through Cyber Monday, I will be participating, along with 20 other artists in the first-ever
Klatchapalooza Handmade Art Market!!!!
First, you need to join the group and to do that, you click here:

At 11:00 p.m. Black Friday, the group will open to you and you can shop to your heart's content.
In your pajammies.
Slippers, coffee, whatever.
Get comfy and shop.
Then we will ship to YOU.
So cool.

I will be having specials each day in my little shop, so I hope you follow me on 
Instagram: @lynnbluesky
Twitter: @lynnbluesky
to stay tuned to what fun things will be coming your way.

Here is a little peek at what will be in the shop:

Note books covered in recycled packing paper and vintage sheet music, hand painted, hand stamped, hand-carved. Hand made. You get the idea!


More than one kind.....come by the shop to see!

If you haven't guessed, DEERS are a running theme this year.
Set in chevron stripes, they are sure to be a hit with teens, cool moms, baby rooms, 20 somethings, and pretty much everyone on your list.

Did I mention stocking stuffers?
So cute.

There's more, so make sure you join the 

Jointing the fun here:

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Friday Ramblings: It's That Time Of Year

Actually, at my house, it's that time of year when I gear up for up coming shows.
I'll Christmas shop in between...
I've been happily working away like a madwoman to get ready.
This is about the only time I like being a madwoman.

The first show will be at the Red Dirt Art Festival, Saturday November 15 from 9:00-5:00
It's at the Smiley Park and it's promising to be a great show all the way around.

Next up, I'm involved in the first ever Pop-up Handmade Art Market entitled,
That's right, you heard me. Klatchapalooza. 
It's on Face Book ONLY. 
Follow me  on Face Book to get updates on this one of a kind 4 day shopping spree!

How do you get into this fabulous market?
Well, I'll tell ya.
Super easy.
click HERE.
You will be directed to the private group. 
Right under the "R" of the word Market in the cover photo is a little button that says 
Click that.
No, really. 
Click that and you will be added to the shopping queue, which will open midnight Black Friday.
 and continue through Cyber Monday.

But wait.
There's more.

December 5 and 6,

I did this last year and even in the pouring rain, it was a blast.

You think I'm finished?
I told you I was working like a madwoman....

One more event in December, but...
That one is still under wraps.
I'm smiling cause I can't wait to share it with you!!!!
Happy Friday!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Friday Ramblings: The Creative Vortex

This last week I have been consumed.
It's called a creative vortex and I love it.
It's been a really, really long time and I'm glad to be sucked into it.

Yesterday's vortex might have been fueled by just a tiny bit of caffeine followed by a great night of sleep.
Much better than speed.
And it's not illegal. 

First thing in the morning, I found this killer Pinterest Board with this photo on it.

My mouth dropped open and I thought, "Dominos....DOMINOS." 
I have long loved dominoes since my eldest sister introduced me to altering them.
(Long  ago, I wrote This Post about dominos.)
 I grabbed my box of dominos and went to town.
I put them in every small container I could find. In and out, in and out. 

I was so excited, I snapped this photo and sent it via text to both my sisters.
One sister replied, "??"
Wasn't it obvious?
In my caffeine fueled state, I couldn't understand why there was not an instant understanding to this photo:

As I'm writing this, it's like realizing what an idiot you made of yourself at the party the night before.
I'm also trying to edit this post and realize the party the night before has more after effects than I realized and more caffeine this morning isn't helping. Cause seriously, I don't do caffeine so it doesn't make sense and neither does this post.

I think I need help.
I'll go look for a creative vortex anonymous group that doesn't do caffeine and then does.
If I can't find one, I'll set one up and y'all can come.

The next thing I knew, I was digging through drawers and finding these adorable playing cards I bought years ago from Linda at Itsy Bits And Peices.
It was like a scene from that show, Minute To Win It.
All I had on my mind was "GIVE THANKS"
I shuffled frantically through the cards and came closer and closer to having every letter.

What does this have to do with the dominos?
I haven't the slightest idea.
Maybe in the vortex, I saw something on Pinterest that said give thanks.
yep. probly.

Nevertheless, I found every. letter. 

Clearly, I should have been on the show.
I would have totally walked home with all the cash and prizes.
Stay with me, cause I'm trying to tie all this together.


Now I won't have ??????? in the comments.
It's called Friday Ramblings for a reason.

I wasn't finished with my day, though.
Oh, no. Not by a long shot.
I had a couple of errands to run, maybe stopped by Good Will and came home ready to dive into
my art desk that has been covered with small bits of wood, paper, stamp carvings, ink and paint.

I put on a movie that I found at Good Will, "Sliding Doors". Remember that one?
Gwyneth Paltrow with a British accent.

I am working on this,



It's everywhere.
A bunch of this was done the last week minus caffeine.
No, really.
I think yesterday was the only party-vortex on caffeine day.
Pretty sure.

Today it's a Tylenol and face all the deers kinda day.
Wish me luck.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Friday Ramblings: The Wedding

No artwork this week, but as promised, wedding photos.

I'm not sure I will do this post justice. There are just too many feelings and emotions I am STILL trying to process, to recall, to let soak into my heart and mind.
I'll just recap the highlights I can recall!

You guys.
We have a SON!!!!!!!!!!!
(A good thing to be able to recall.)

The temperature being 105. Stupid hot.
Holding the back of my daughter's dress and running to the bathroom. No, really. RUNNING. She was afraid the groom would see her.

When I began to walk down the aisle, I made eye contact with a dear friend, and that's all it took. I couldn't stop weeping. Tears just leaked out. Leaked. They didn't stop for two days.

These beautiful girls. 
In my house for five days.
Yes, I cried when they left. 
So what. You would have, too.

Each one of the bridesmaids giving the groom a special, distinct look as they came down the aisle.
Brenna's smile as she entered right before her sister-oh, Lord, have mercy. I thought her face would split.

The moon rising and the temperature going down, giving us a magical evening as the lights twinkled.
Sweating on the dance floor like I was in Mexico.

Candle light.
Good music
Great food

Maybe an illegal firework or two.
Friends on their knees cleaning up confetti from the grass.
People pitching in to gather, box up and move so. much. stuff.
Another friend, his tie slung over his shoulder and his shirt sleeves rolled up while he helped in the kitchen.

 In the blink of an eye, it was finished and we found ourselves scrambling to clean up in an hour what took weeks and weeks (and weeks) to put together.
But the memories?
Ah, well.
They last forever and get sweeter over time.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Friday Rambling: Pre-Wedding Jitters

I found a spoon in my purse the other day.
I have no idea how the spoon got in my purse, but I do know it was not a clean spoon and yes, it was from my house.
While writing this post, I'm realizing it's still in my purse.
Such is life a week and a couple of days before my eldest daughter's wedding.

It's full of:
 Lists, lists and more lists.
Color coded lists. 
Lists in my car, in a notebook, one taped on the wall in the family room.

The latter being my favorite.
It's color coded and I make BIG MARKS when I cross something off.
I got so excited, I crossed off something that my husband had finished which upset him as it was HIS chore to be crossed off. I stole that fabulous feeling of accomplishment.
He was pretty disappointed. 
I tried making it up to him the next day and offered for him to cross off my stuff, but he declined.
I guess it just wasn't the same.

Let's see...
there's making my kitchen look like a bomb went off.
Oh, wait. 
That was from baking with my sweet friend Paula.
We knocked out 16 dozen gluten free cookies and 8 dozen gluten free fudge brownies.

After this day, I have free advice to mothers of young daughters:
Pray that Pinterest will be out of existence by the time your girls get married.
It will threaten your sanity in a severe way.
I'm all for DIY, but oh my.....

Shopping helps to break up the Pinterest craziness and the realization that EVERYTHING YOU DO WILL TAKE 2-3 TIMES LONGER THAN YOU THINK.

Weeks full of wedding prep need side trips with Brenna to make me realize the meaning of "a really good day."

Estate sales might add to the insanity, but as long as you are driving to sixteen stores and have only two hours, you might as well stop.

Cause you will find something for everyone, making it a 
"A really good day"

Holding fast to faith and expressing it through some quick painting during a full week is a good thing.
Seriously-even if all I do is paint chalkboard paint on something or stain a box- it helps.

Drinking something ice cold and a little sweet is fun. If, however, it has caffeine and you don't normally drink caffeine it isn't particularly recommended.
 BUT when you make 21 center pieces outside and it's 102 degrees at the end of flipping September you just can't help yourself.
and i only drank half.

Later in the week, the fulness in the week was made better by gathering with friends and working on projects. It is priceless, humbling and makes one truly grateful.

As full as this week and a half has been, it's gonna get FULLER!!!!!!!!!
I'll be offline to celebrate our daughter's wedding and finish up those lists....
Have a wonderful Friday and I'll be back soon to post pictures.

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