Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hooray for Friday

Happy Friday.
Man, this week went by fast.

I have been buckling down in the art room to get ready for the 
Saturday, May 2
It will be the 10th Anniversary!

I'm working on (new) designs for the (vintage) book pages.

I love the new quotes I have come across that really fit with the pages.

journal page done with dylusions spray, black staedtler .01 pen and copic marker.

I'm doing some journal work in between pages, wondering where all these birds will end up!
The lettering is getting to be more and more fun for me to do.
It will be even better when I find a light that is somewhat portable and has super powers.
Until then, I'll be working on the lines around my eyes by doing my squinting exercises.

More birds and little bitty canvases. Some birds stay in the journal, others take flight...

Hoping you are taking flight this weekend!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Opening My Eyes and Throwing In The Towel.

Spring Break has sprung and honestly?
I'm over it.
It just hasn't been one of our best. 
In fact, I call it a perfect storm.
A husband working two weeks straight, a sick child, disappointments, frustrations, a child barfing everywhere due to antibiotics, a heat wave, a big no- well, you get the idea.

I'm not one to whine. 
But for crying out loud.

There were a couple of highlights..

Brenna made cake pops with a friend and I ate a lot of them.
We went bowling.

How is it, though, in the midst of such a storm it's a struggle to see the good? 
Maybe that's just the nature of a storm.

art journal done in left over gelli print paint, anthropologie magazine cut out and vintage sheet music.

I tried going through my manifesto, a little art journaling, turning up the music, sleeping in, coffee, you name it.

I gave up last Sunday and stayed home from church and took coffee outside and dug into a fabulous article written by Emily P. Freeman, entitled "When Your Heartbeat Feels Like A Drumbeat".
In the post, Emily talks about longing and limitations and meeting Jesus at the intersection of the two.
It stopped me in my tracks (at the intersection) and had me re - thinking a lot and just plain thinking.

Even though there have been multiple times I have thrown in the towel on the day over the last two weeks, the post has opened my eyes and heart in ways I was just not expecting, and kind of redeemed the last few days in a hard but beneficial way. In a bending metal with your bare hands good kind of way. Not really the throwing confetti good kind of way. But good.

Maybe Spring Break hasn't been a total wash.
 But holy moly, I'll be glad to see next week.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hello, Fifty Three

I was at a store yesterday, treating myself to a little pre-birthday present.
Under those hideous fluorescent lights, I began the horrible realizations of aging. As I bent over to examine what had happened to my legs over the last year, I began the descent into being hyper-critical of myself.

I tossed everything back and burst through the doors into the fresh air. As the glow of the fluorescent lights faded, I came to a realization:


 I gave myself two minutes of mourning my aging legs, and began finding positive words.
Going with it, I have written my own manifesto. 

Here goes:

This year, I will continue to gather.

I will find art each day. 
I will find it in the simple things, I will create it. I will make it happen and I will share it.

I will buy some chicks, feed them, keep them warm and nurture them into giving us fresh eggs.

I will always wear sunscreen. Sunshine is meant to be enjoyed in vast quantities, preferably in or near water.
I might even wear a hat.
I will look at my legs that I have inherited from my father and stand up for them. I won't hide them away, but I will protect them just a little more. 
I will begin yoga and return to swimming. 
I refuse to be a hardbody.

I will say thank you every day and keep record of things I am grateful for. 
I will tell my family that I love them with words and actions.

I will practice spiritual white space. 
I will raise my hands when I sing and lift my face up to the One who desires to infuse great joy to my life. I will remind myself that every single day, there are new mercies waiting for me.
Every day.

I will continue to dance in my kitchen and list my favorite songs and REVEL in their variety. 

Best of all,

I will throw my head back and laugh as many times as possible and for as long as I need to.
I will not say no to tears.
I will seek wise counsel. 
I will be willing:
To learn
To say I don't know
To ask for help
I will not fall apart at disapproval.

I will make every effort to be nice to myself when I just cannot seem to get all my sh*t together and my brain has ceased to be young and fresh and I am hot for no reason. 
Because this will pass.


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Friday, March 6, 2015

Menopause and Feathers

I don't really know what Menopause and feathers have to do with each other, but that's pretty much what sums up my brain right now and therefore is blog fodder.

Also, my computer is fixed!!!! 
A word to the wise:
When Apple tells you to install new RAM, they may or may not forget to tell you that the PRAM needs to be reset. Don't even ask me what a PRAM is. I don't know, nor do I care. Nope, I don't. 

All though I probably should because the guys at another computer store told me I needed to replace the hard drive, then told me the processor was out and I needed a new computer.
So, maybe I do care about the PRAM. 
Onward on my newly reset computer.....

I'm on a roll with birds and feathers in the art department.
My newest Pinterest board is slowly but surely gaining steam as I pin whatever I can find on birds and feathers.
Doing this also seems to calm my menopausal brain.
My first obsession was with pheasant feathers.

Done in a loose fashion here, I actually like it paired with the soft pinks. Which is unusual, as I am not a pink sorta gal.

Which makes me laugh as I look at this next picture with the large red-pink circle on this page of a practice art journal.

Then, I saw a gorgeous photo of a peacock. You know the kind of photo-it looks better than the real bird.
Aaaannnddd, I was off and running.
The colors!
They would be better on that pink practice journal.

I used my Caran D'Arche crayons and thought to myself,

"Can life get any better? I'm COLORING for crying out loud."

I bet in some medical journal some doctor wrote a journal article proving that Coloring and feathers help menopause brain. 

So does Wild Orange essential oil, cutting out sugar, and a husband who doesn't mind if I am "raw", but that's for another type of blog.
This blog is about coloring.

Just so I can prove I don't have dementia, I remembered an outing with my middle sister as I was coloring.
 I can't remember where we were, nor can I recall what we were doing. BUT.

I can remember it involved a peacock and that my sister and the peacock had the most amazing conversation. 
Somehow, my sister picked up on speaking peacock, and whenever the bird would make a noise, my sister would make some back, with lots and lots of enthusiasm and that silly bird kept responding for what seemed like an eternity.
I think we were supposed to take him home, but somehow that got lost in translation.

Either that or my mother kiboshed the idea.
She wouldn't let me keep a horse in the front yard, either.

And yes. Kibosh is a word in the dictionary.
Your welcome.

O.K., gotta go and draw more feathers to help my brain.
Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Keep Calm And....

When the Geek Squad tells you that your laptop needs to be replaced, you keep calm and blog anyway you can.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

On Being Brave.

What do you think it takes to be brave?
Determination, knowledge, strength or maybe being fearless?

Sometimes it takes asking, 
showing up, 
a willingness to learn
 and the ability to ignore the negatives.

It takes listening to a little dream that kept whispering, "Gather. Just open the door and see what happens."

Three amazing women came through my door today.

A young mother and her daughter, a friend and myself.
What would I teach?

I had some loose ideas that began with color and stencils.
So we brought out the sprays and began our journey.

We sailed bravely into new waters of stencils and ink.

We hauled out the mod podge and dropped anchor there for a bit.

We learned that an 11 yr. old can teach much more than we imagined and is naturally brave because she isn't 20 and full of fear and comparing.

We talked about releasing and needing space to do so.
About not thinking of our pages but just putting color down and trying.

We took half an hour and braved our handwriting and made it beautiful.

We had so much fun, we didn't even stop to eat or get coffee.
For Real.
We taped up a color wheel and learned a little bit about complimentary colors and choosing two or three and sticking to it. Which is brave because one wonders if one has chosen the right colors.
We went nuts and used whatever the heck colors we wanted. Which is also brave, because what if you don't like how it turns out?

We didn't care and we didn't mind.
Because today?
We were brave.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Playing With Paper Dolls

Happy Friday!
I thought I would ramble about paper dolls today.
I wasn't very fond of dolls growing up. I was the child who was convinced that each of my stuffed animals and dolls knew when they had been slighted, when they had been left alone, and generally thought they were real in a not-real way.
Plus, doll eyes and faces really, really creeped me out.
Barbies, no. Dolls, yes.
Yes, I know. It's great fodder for a therapist.

Paper dolls, however, did not have this hold on me.
I loved the smell of the paper and how uniform everything was. 
I loved the little perforated lines from the punch-out kind, I loved being able to cut out clothes and change up whatever they wore.
The hair, the hats. Oh, man. It was good.
Those little foldy-tabs that held everything to the doll weren't so hot. You had to hold the doll just right and not move it to keep everything on it. 
But it was worth it to be able to cut everything out.

The other day I was playing around in my journal and doing some lettering. I decided to look through some of my vintage children's primers to see what I could pair with the quotes.
I found this little cutie, but her legs weren't drawn out in the book.

What would happen if I kept looking and found another character in the book with legs? 
And a cute polka dot dress?
A few cuts later, I found out!

The perfect Mary Janes and blue socks and the little pinafore as an added bonus.

I scanned and printed out a little bird to add to the fun and then I started thinking about Colorforms.
Remember those????
The rubbery-plastic cut out shapes that you could lay on a background and they would stick? And you could layer and layer and it would all stick? 
I loved those. Taking them out of a brand new box, the smell, oh man. 
I looked them up and they are 60 years old, and still going strong.
Guess who might get some for her birthday this year????

O.K., what was I rambling about? 
I think the Colorforms came up when I glued together the little girl from the primer.
This time the sticky part came in the form of Mod Podge, and then Gel Medium.

 Then I started coloring the outfits.
Am I surprised?

It just keeps getting better-I'm finding so many sweet children to put with these quotes.
I've added a water color wash, a kite, drew in the string.
The possibilities are endless!

I found a Dick and Jane book and cut out Sally. Don't you love this face?
I think in this page she was trying to see if she was as tall as Dick.
I put her in my art journal along with Mr. Crazy Bird and gave her some wings.
I'm looking into how I can make prints for all of these, so stay tuned!

Don't forget-
All Brenna-inspired Valentine love is available on my Etsy

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