Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a Great Day!

It's Tuesday again. Do you know what that means? It means we were at the stables again today. It means I took another bazillion pictures of Brenna riding again today. Well, a bazillion of her and a gazillion of the babies!!!! Which is more-bazillion or gazillion? Who knows. What I do know is that we had a blast with the littlest of the bunch today. On top of that, the orange trees that surrounding the area are in full bloom right now and the air smells like those orange popsicles with the vanilla ice cream in the center, just a little sweeter.

Here are the babies!

I know!! Gorgeous. This one is a little shy.
Does this look like a new mother's face, or what?

This one (I keep calling them this one, 'cause I don't know their names. They aren't on the front of the stables and if they were, I would probably forget because they are so darn long!!)
ventured out a little, but Mamma kept banging on the stable wall for dinner.

You know the saying, "when mamma ain't happy..."

"honey, ain't NObody happy." And in she went.
I do love this one for the great legs. It reminds me of my eldest daughter when she was little. Long 'ole legs and knobby knees!

Now THIS one. Oh, does this one have personality plus. She (?) is also so furry, they had to shave part of her neck to find a vein for innoculations!
So soft!

She loves attention, and is the only one of the bunch that will come up and let you scratch her head.


Just like her Mamma. Mamma and I lean our heads together and I rub her face and we commiserate together.

I think we are best friends now.

These two are so beautiful. The mane on this baby?

Aren't these curls to die for???!!

All in all, it was a nice day in the neigh-borhood. Ha ha ha!

Well....seeing as how you are here, I might as well show you what Miss Brenna worked on today!!!
Balance. At a trot, no less!

Show off!

And holding the reins with two hands.

Yup, it was a good day.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bike Classic

Here are the pictures of our Redlands Bike Classic, as promised! It's a great 3-day event the city has hosted for a long time. Everyone can ride! On Saturday,they have a short race for little kids, a 28 mile race or 52 mile "challenge" for the brave cyclists, and a race for 17yr. olds. Then we call in the big guns. Riders from all over the world, professionals, you name it come out for the men and women's Criterion. It is a tight course around a loop downtown where the riders go as fast as they can the whole time. The women's lasts about an hour, the men's is 90 minutes.

It was a beautiful day!

Yes, this was the correct temperature out here.

It's crazy how many of them ride at once. This is the women's event.

Can you even imagine doing this???

Now, I like speed. I love to go fast.

But I prefer to be in a boat.

Or a car.

Not on asphalt, sitting on a 12 pound bike with 1 inch wheels.

The men especially. The women's group is scary enough. But the men??

First off, there are twice as many.

There is more adrenaline...

They blow by you at 35 m.p.h.
Yeah. 35 on those skinny wheels.

And then they go about 30 m.p.h. around the corners.

No, thanks!

But it is a fun day for everyone..

Hope you are having a great Monday!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

working....A Little More

Hey, All!
 Thought I'd catch you up on what I worked on today. Yes!! I stayed put today and worked on things for the fair.


  Today I finished the votives and the candlesticks with the plates and bowls. I like how they turned out, how about you? I added the moss and nests with the tags to spruce it up a bit. I got the idea from Linda over at itsy bits and pieces. She did some beautiful peat boxes with a bird tag in them.  I love the  idea of adding birds to these stands.


 Some are small enough to just use to hold items like rings, or earrings...others, I just loved the plate or bowl with out anything in it.  

This plate I think I am keeping for myself! It is gorgeous. I think it is hand cut glass and it's a fairly good size. I will use it to display the wallets.

And I finished the votives...

AND started on a collage. Whew.
I am going to visit Lauren tomorrow and Saturday we have the Redlands Bicycle Classic. I'm hoping to get some great pictures of the Criterion they do downtown. I should post those by Monday....Until then, have a great weekend, whatever you may be doing!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday Fun

I had a nice treat yesterday. My sister took me out to breakfast and then we went shopping. Did we go to Macy's? Nooo...Did we go to Nordstrom's? Noooo..... Take a guess:

A glass store? Antiquing???

Have you guessed yet?


Oh yeah!! The day was good-tons of glass to do more bottles and make cutie-pie bowls on top of candlesticks.

Then I had an AHA! Moment.
 I'm not the best at seeing something and imagining it in a different use. 

Remember the hummingbird's nest?
Add a candlestick, a small plate/bowl and this-I have NO idea what it is!

Add some Easter cuteness:

I admit, I LOVE it!!!

On top of all that, I got some cool stuff from my sister!!

She made this:

and this:

I was so proud of myself, I got it hung up right away!

What do you think, Sue?

Thanks for a fun day!!