Monday, October 21, 2013

On My Desk

I started today with a bang, but I am quickly loosing steam. My desk doesn't have anything on it. My brain has nothing in it, and my body says, "Dude. Hauling stuff around for shows is hard work." I haven't been to the gym much because I have had too much on my desk to finish....and I can tell. Well, of course it doesn't help that I hauled a bench to the show and found the back entrance closed, so I hauled the bench up and over the fence. Let's just say my ribs were sore the next day. I don't think any amount of strength training or working out would keep me in shape for that.
I'm not 30 any more?

Moving right along...
There were a lot of owls set free this weekend. Many thanks to those who came out to the show and purchased these fun journals! There will be more coming November 2, at the Red Dirt Art Festival.

I have to say, I should own stock in Starbucks (as I'm sure many of us could say).

It did help me get up and get moving this last weekend.
 No, these are not fully caffinated drinks. I can't do much caffeine. Maybe it would be better to own stock in a gym. 
Aren't there companies that are purely balancing acts for life? That would be better to own stock in.

I'd better quit this post while I'm ahead.
I need to go free motion sew. Or paint. Or....


  1. It sounds like it will be a wonderful show, Lynn...and you are sounding creative and busy! XO

  2. I am so in love with your animal free motion art!
    So glad that it flew off your table and into the loving hands of those who appreciate your style!

    When I had to go off the Starbucks, my dad called and said that the stock was going to dip, lol I guess we all have those who know us too well ;)

    I am sure after a few days rest your ideas will be back and so will that art room.
    But for now you deserve a day or two off!
    Enjoy it