Friday, August 28, 2015

Grace For Today.

School started for real around here.
Can I just get an Amen?
It's a GOOD program for Miss B this year. It's full and exciting and has so much to offer for her last year of formal education.
All that worrying and anxiety and waking up and fretting?
It had to have been worth something.
Possibly just for me being able to see a LOT of grace in the aftermath of nail biting and prayer.

Since the beginning of school 
I have also had 
in the art studio.
Beautiful grace here.

New things are happening and it's fun.
Painting, pens, acrylics, ink....
I love finding paint in my hair later on in the day.

And then, as life goes, Brenna got sick and was home for a day.
Wrenches in the day, plans out the window, tired from a night up and down with her. 
I always try to make sense of these times and it just doesn't work, does it?

art journal entry done with acrylic paint pens and sharpie

Maybe that's the grace part. 
Stuff happens, it just IS, and here is today, so roll with it and give thanks as I go.

art journal page done with acrylic paint markers and sharpie

And maybe a nap.
That's grace, too.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your life as it really is. Don't we all relate. I took a nap this afternoon...hardly ever do that...it was grace.
    Sending hugs...love your journal pages and all your work.

  2. Wow! Lovely, lovely stuff. The school year is long...here's to finding more time to create art!

  3. Stunning work Lynn... so glad you have some creative time. There is a lot of happy movement in those pieces! Worry is a no where energy...however as moms it's what we do. Glad it all worked out. It will keep working out too...not without a glitch here and there though. That's just how life rolls! Enjoy for now!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Your art days were quite productive! Love what you did. :)

  5. You've made good use of that studio time. What a blessing for you! Great pieces today!

  6. I'm so glad Brenna's school is working out so well...hope she is feeling better now. Your artwork is truly beautiful, Lynn!

  7. beautiful projects Lynn! Happy for you to get more art time in again-and a nap along the way:)

  8. Wow! I LOVE your pages!! I always think I hear a collective parental sigh when school starts again...but enjoy it while you can. they'll be gone before you know it! Love your bright upbeat pages. I need to follow some of your advice.. :)

  9. The pieces with the vibrant colors and quotes that stand out in black are awesome! Keep up the great work!

  10. Love all of the sentiments that you have expressed. Love the white background pieces. They are so peaceful. I can relate to the frustrating unexpected ups and downs in life--when you had other plans.