Thursday, June 9, 2016

Are You A List Maker?

There are many changes coming in our home, and the first is for our girl, Brenna.

 It's the last walk to this bus and all that she knows in a daily routine.
I wonder what the next season of walking out the door will bring...
Right now, this just lands me smack in the middle of unknowns, which I don't do very well.

Unknowns do not bring out the best in me.
 Unless I'm on vacation with a big, wide open day that I can fill with whatever. That kind of unknown is o.k.

Thoughts of home in my art journal

I can do lists pretty well, though. 
I like checking things off and lists make me feel secure. Because I'm fairly insecure in certain spots. Because..oh, never mind.

For instance, there is my
 NO MORE List:
No more last month absolute crazy days of school.
No more alarms.
No more forgotten permission slips.
No more "sore throats" because someone doesn't want to go to the YMCA with her class.
No more IEP's and psychological evaluations to tell us things that are so not helpful about Brenna's progress, or lack thereof as determined by a test she can't complete.

Then there is the Never Ending To-Do List:

Figure out ways to fill 40 (FORTY) hours a week that she would usually be in school/traveling to school.
Look at day programs.
Look at volunteer programs.
Figure out how to build stamina for a job.
Make a schedule every day because Brenna does so much better with a schedule.
Go back to bed.
Walk out the door and pretend we are on vacation every day.
Watch Brenna and take notes on bravery and courage.
Watch Brenna take life on and hope to imitate her.
Explore job options she would like: french fry cutter person at In N Out, pre-school aide, policeman in Texas. 
O.K. maybe not that one so much.... 

This is my best list: 

I'm not alone.
 God's desire is for Brenna to live a full life is way bigger than even my desire.
Don't panic.
Doors will open.
The quote from my art journal by Mother Teresa:
"Love begins by taking care of the closest ones-the ones at home"
It's summer vacation. For crying out loud-live like it's summer vacation.
(I could potentially live like it's summer vacation forever.)
 Isaiah 27:3-The verse I read over and over when Brenna was first born:
"I, the LORD watch over it;
I water it continually.
I guard it day and night
so that no one may harm it."

Hope, faith, fear and list making.
What a life!
I'm going to begin a Fun Summer Things To Do List.
How about you? 

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  1. Wonderful journal page. I don't do lists, I think I just do things spontaneously. All the best for Brenna as she goes her way. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. I love your fantastic house which expresses so well spirit of freedom. Great colours and lines.
    Happy vacation and PPF xx

  3. Your lists are so inspiring. Life is an unknown journey, but lists can keep us going and face every challenge. :)
    I love your little house filled with love. <3

  4. Love your painting, but I know about those unknowns. I am just like that. But like you, I love lists. Maybe too much so. But anyhow, your painting is fantastic. You created some great texture with your paint colors. :) Erika

  5. Good luck to you and Brenna. I was touched by your post today. I sat in on many IEP meetings. I was the classroom teacher who hopefully was more helpful than not. I think we can both agree that there are so many things that we can know about a person that a test can never tell.
    I think I too will make a summer list of fun things to do. I also like to have a list. It feels good to move things over from my To Do List to my Tah Dah List once I have finished or experienced something.

    Your journal page was beautiful. It has so much detail and the quote reminds us of something very important. I hope you and Brenna have a wonderful fun filled week.

  6. a delightful home painting Lynn. Happy summer vacation to you and your daughter!

  7. Love the paintings, so free and love the colors!!!
    I like your "things to remember" list!!

  8. I love your painting. It's brilliant.
    I think it's a great idea to make lists. I find that once I write things down I feel so much calmer and there's nothing better than ticking them off.
    It sounds like you've a lot on your plate and I wish you well for all that you have to do in the coming months.

  9. Beautiful post, stunning art, beautiful heart! Wonderful list with great faith! You got this Lynn....with a great backer!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Oh goodness, such a poignant post. Hope you both have a great summer.

  11. As always love your blog. Love how reflective you are and leave me with a life lesson. Transition - hmmmm know a little about that. Learning to enjoy the summer and just be. Brenna inspires me - teaches me so many lessons. Love you friend!

  12. I love your house - all the complex details that makes a beautiful whole... like the back of a tapestry. You know how that analogy goes. You express it here very honestly and beautifully both in your art and your words.. I love the Isaiah verse you prayed and shared... yes, He till tends your garden... His garden...

  13. A beautiful post, Lynn. Taking those steps into the unknown - so hard! I'm reaching the end of homeschooling our daughter. Don't what life holds after that, but He has it in hand, whatever it is.