Friday, June 3, 2016

Art Journaling My Way Through Waco

My name is Lynn, and I am a Fixer Upper Addict.

It's true.
I have watched every episode at least once, if not three times.
I secretly desire to walk up to people and say, "How y'all do'in?" 
Or find a proper place to insert the phrase "All y'all". 

Last week I was able to completely indulge in all things Fixer Upper and took a trip with my eldest sister to see Magnolia Marketplace  in Waco.

And, as any self respecting artist would do, I threw a bunch of stuff into a bag to journal along the way.

Here are my basics:

That was it.
Pretty good for packing the night before we left. 

My handy-dandy pouch that my friend, Wendy taught me to sew.

My trusty white eraser and mechanical pencil for my other addiction-

My all time favorite Fudenosuke Brush PenFaber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen in XS, and a Sharpie.
I wanted to bring my Aqua Markers, but have found that with change in altitude, they tend to gush when you take the lids off. It's bad enough to have that happen in a car, I can't imagine on a packed flight.

My handy-dandy set of Staedtler Micron Pens.

A couple of stamps and an ink pad.

Here's the fun part-
My sister has a new toy.
It's a Polaroid Zip.
You guys.
So. Much. Fun.

Each night, we printed out photos from our day that we had taken with our IPhones.
The Polaroid Zip has an App you download onto your phone, you load the paper into the Zip and print from your phone. No ink required!!
The best part?
The photos are sticky-backed. 
Is that a term? 

Now, here's the deal.
I brought all the cool stuff to journal with, along with a Moleskin notebook.
Did I use it?
Not once.
I was pretty wiped out at the end of each day-it was a whirlwind trip over three days!
When I got home, I gathered all my cute stuff I saved and the photos, unpacked my little art journal bag and have been having fun ever since.

I made a quick journal with a couple of signatures from water color paper instead of the Moleskin.
I decided it would work better with the photo paper and I can add more pages over the summer and make it more of a summer journal. Plus, the heavier paper hides the marker better than Moleskin paper.

I took some torn up canvas from an old painting and added some lettering and stenciling to the front.

 I'm piecing together our trip and adding notes and things I remember.
It's pretty fun to relive the trip like this.

Yes. The Market/Silos/Grounds are beautiful, there were tons of people, it is mass marketed items for the most part, but the displays are stunning (lots of items that Joanna uses in their homes) and the staff is unbelievably friendly and the grounds are a treat to hang out in. In fact, I would say that was my favorite part. I wanted to go back just to sit on a picnic bench, eat more from a food truck and talk to friendly strangers. 

Have you been to Waco? 
Do you watch Fixer Upper?
I bet some of you do....
I read that Magnolia Market gets upwards of 25,000 visitors PER WEEK.

It was pretty cool to be a part of this phenomenon and to see all the amazing things that the Chip and Joanna Gaines are doing for their city.

We packed it in- Austin, all the antique stores in Waco, Common Grounds, Harp Design,  Magnolia Market, driving the neighborhoods, thunderstorms and humidity. 
Worth every minute.

Happy Friday, Y'all.

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  1. sounds like a great trip and love your sewing too

  2. looks like wonderful albeit short trip! I have already packed an art travel kit and didn't use it but usually I do.Thanks for sharing what you take. I have never had much luck with the XS Pitts-they seem to dry out not long after I get them:( That special camera sounds amazing and so fun to have the sticky backs for journaling with.Y'all have a great weekend now and happy PPF!

  3. What wonderful art! I usually end up not using the art supplies I take on a trip either, but I use the photographs afterwards...

  4. Your art is great and the travel bag awesome. I like the Pitt pens and have many although not being used lately. Happy days to you.

  5. Too much fun, Lynn!! So glad you got to go! Love the beginnings of your journal!!

  6. Always best to have supplies and not need them, than the other way around! Sounds like a fun trip!

  7. Wow what a great trip. Glad you made some artful memories.

  8. I love your pouch. The style is so cool!