Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!
Did you stay up? Did you watch the ball drop? Kiss your love at midnight?
I did, which was pretty amazing, considering we are usually sound asleep at midnight.

I am liking the thought of New Year's more and more as I get older, especially this year. It will be FULL of art. Art classes, doing art, art projects big and small and art shows.
The other part I like about a New Year is instead of a resolution, I pick a word for the year. I've seen on several blogs that this is the hot topic for January. Guess what? We did it LAST year!

My main word was "intention." It was a terrific word, I used it all year. It came to mind in several situations and was so much better for me than a resolution. Intention was a word with some "oomph" behind it and reminded me of what I wanted to do during the year so much more than a resolution.

I'd like very much to do it again this year.
Do you have a word? Or perhaps a color, like my friend, Deb?

I have two words this year. They both have come from finding the most amazing quote and working on 




I truly believe that when we have truth, we have hope. If we have neither one, there is a big hole in our lives.
The other lesson I am learning is that, when I keep speaking the TRUTH, my voice does stop shaking, and I find HOPE.
Pretty cool.
So, my friends, what about you?
Do you have a word? Maybe just one that spurs you on for the year?
Let's share them in the comments and I'll put them all together in a separate post.
Here's to a wonderful 2012!


  1. I will be posting about my word for 2012 tomorrow..it is 'change' and this is my 3rd year of doing a word and I love it!! hugs, Linda

  2. Love it. :) Happy new year, Lynn!

  3. Oh truth is such a good word.
    I believe more people need to choose this word.
    So many in blogland don't know the meaning of TRUTH.

    Fresh, fresh is my intention for 2012
    I just stated a few days ago, I don't make resolutions or plans it leads to disappointment and makes us feel bad.
    Instead, I like to live day by day and work hard.

  4. I don't have a word yet, first time I'm hearing of this idea. NICE.
    I'll come back with one:)
    Happy NY Lynn!

  5. I like that, Lynn. It certainly makes sense in the long run of life and death, so to speak! I am having more of that kind of hope as time goes on. Hope was my word last year.
    My word is courage. I am finding more than I thought I ever had but am needing some for this next stage.
    Thank you so much for your ever-present loving friendship!

  6. OH yes... I remember your word from last year! I do see so many blogs with there word.. I really don't have one. There are just so many. So hard to chose just one!! Now that's a cop out if I have ever heard one!!!

    I am looking forward to what you have up your sleeves for this year my friend..

    Hugs, Linda

  7. Stopping by to wish you a most happy New Year!!!
    Still working on the word thingy, but love yours!
    Wishing you all kind of goodness as you delve into Truth and Hope :)

  8. Wow! This is so true. Truth = Hope. I have been experiencing this over the last few months. My husband and I recently got separated:( I have been working my way through the fact that we may not get back together, but I am starting to realize that accepting the truth can give me hope. Thanks so much for your inspirational 2012 words. I think I might just adopt them for myself too!

  9. I'm still struggling to play catch up so I just saw this post.

    I do remember the post from last year and that you were INTENTIONAL.

    I have another color this year...
    I'm posting about it tomorrow, but since I saw on the above post that you'll be gone, I will whisper it to you now. Shhhh...It's yellow.

    Yep. I'm going to be mellow.

    Nah, that's not the reason. It has more to do with looking on the bright side.

    My theme word is Jubilee. (Guess what prompted that?)

    Anyway, I also love picking something besides a resolution. Ever since you first posted that quote, I have loved it.

    I'm trying to make it a habit.