Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inspiration From a Fellow Blogger

I have found a blog that I really like called Up In The Attic With Pammy J.. A couple of days ago she did a great post on Naming Your Year. This resonated with me as I am not fond of New Year's resolutions. I have just come to terms with the word "goal" and have allowed it into my vocabulary on a very limited basis, so "resolution" is a lot farther down the road.
My friend, Debbie, on the other hand, puts a color to her year. Pretty cool as well, but I really am partial to blue, so it would be the same every year. Plus, I truly don't think I could pick a color, as there are so many variations. Light blue? Grey-blue? Blue with a red undertone?
Sorry, I'm digressing..

Name Your Year. 
I like how Pammy states it: "Something you would like to work on in the upcoming year. Or at least a fraction of something."
Sounds good to me.
So, she picks a word and puts it where she can see it.
I can pick a word, that I can do.
I've actually been ruminating on a word the last several weeks.
It's a big word, I'll give you that.
It could be a scary word.
But not when it looks like this:

Especially when I put it into Italian.

So, what's behind the word, you ask?
I have started and stopped in my artwork so many times, I think I have a low ceiling over it that I keep bumping my head on. I so want time to work on it. Then what? I would like to do more with it than just give it away for Christmas presents. Which is nice, but when it's not Christmas, what do I do with what I create? That brought me to a couple more words.
I would like a purpose to my artwork.

I love it when I have passion behind my creations. When something speaks to me deeply, in my soul,
it changes everything when I create. There is a depth to it that is hard to put into words.

I would like to create with Intention. I desire a purpose behind what I create, but I also want a Spiritual meaning to it. Not that decoupaging a box might have deep spiritual meaning, but in the act of creating.
Of course, as I began this project, and really put some thought behind it, it turned into a 3-day project. I couldn't settle down to work. We needed groceries, laundry was screaming at me, and I was so tired the last three days, I could have slept 12 hrs. and still been tired. Oh, wait-I did and I was.
I finally began to focus and my printer jammed. My new soldering iron didn't work. It was time to pick up Brenna from school. Horse lessons. Homework. Etc., etc., etc.
I learned this was going to really take some thought.
I needed to be INTENTIONAL.

I'm learning. 
I'm working on scheduling time. As in "Non-negotiable studio time."
I'm learning it won't come together in a week. 
That I don't have to begin the day feeling like I've been shot out of a cannon.
Each day doesn't need to have the world conquered.
But if I don't try, I won't know what I can do!
I'm learning that the word "process" is not a four-letter word and it's o.k. to have to start over, or (gasp) learn from a mistake.

Life will get in the way.
But I will continue in my intentions toward my artwork, this blog.
Now, if you see me wearing all four of these at once? Please stop me.
Tell me I'm over doing it and surely just for today I have done enough.
Tell me to go take a nap.

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  1. Go take a nap :) I love your new goal for 2011. Sounds like something I should do myself. Your creations are so pretty!

  2. These are wonderful,Lynn. Your soldering has moved so quickly along and you are doing beautiful work. Good, good job!!! I picked a word, too, which is "Hope."

    Love you!

  3. Everything about this post is wonderful, Lynn. I LOVE your word for the year. It's perfect.

    I'm probably going to be thinking about how I can be much more INTENTIONAL all morning. I think it's sort of a robust second cousin to the word "GO" which inspired my color, don't you?

    As usual, I leave her nodding and smiling.

  4. I love these pieces Lynn, they are fantastic, and very inspiring.

  5. Fabulous post dear Lynn!
    A word for the year is much more my thing than a list of resolutions...altho daily I do tend to make my little lists in my head...
    Love what you wrote and your word is inspiring

    You made me want to see my word in Italian too = autentico

    thank you for inspiring me!

  6. I love that you said that you translated your word into Italian to make it less 'scary'! Perfectly put. Well done! Great creations and lovely post - I am now a follower! Thank you for your encouragement and kind words...
    Here's to a great year...!

  7. Okay, now you've got me thinking...I'm going to choose "Renewal." New beginnings. Creating myself, creating art, creating something new. Starting fresh means forgiving yourself for the things you haven't gotten done or didn't finish; and moving forward with "renewed" intention (or rather Intenzione)and inspiration.


    P.s. This gives me an idea about our swap. I'll email you later.

  8. Your art is always so beautiful Lynn. I love the idea of "intention" and it is even better in Italian (what isn't better than Italian?) I struggle with the idea of purpose too, sometimes feeling a little self indulgent. Really, though, is there anything wrong with that? Thanks for a little inspiration!

  9. I like your jewelery and your choice of words. My word for the year of 2011 is "shine", which I posted about on my blog.

  10. OH Lynn...these are just beautiful! I love the focus you have taken with these, and you have really got the soldering down, too! Your post is inspiring and I can't wait to see what you do next! XO, friend!

  11. I LOVE your words FRIEND! They are all something each one of us can use to help us in the New Year. To help us be Mindful of the Process & to remember to speak from the Soul!
    I adore this post & can't wait to see how your special WORDS support you & your art in this NEW YEAR!
    Big Hugs & Lots of Love,

  12. These are beautiful Lynn.. and I love when you speak Italian to me! :)
    Your photo's are looking beautiful..
    Product photography could be in your future too. We should go on a photo tour together!! :) I don't make New Years resolutions either.. my goal for the past few years is that I would listen (to God) more and talk less. :) xoxo

  13. LOVE THIS POST LYNN! Intention is a word that has been rolling around in my head too especially when I find that I so often have a defeatist mentality. "Why bother when I won't be able to finish it" seems to be my motto too often. Some of it is my stage in life with little ones but I think if I can break it down and be diligent about carving out that time it would make all the difference. INSPIRING is the other word for the year and you, my friend, are just that! :-)
    P.S. I'm pretty sure that any word, even gross ones, sound better in Italian, don't you think?

  14. Another wonderful post my friend.. And I think that is such a great idea to Have a words instead of a resolution. I stopped making resolutions years ago.. I always feel so bad when I didn't complete them! Latley I have been trying to just live in the moment. Weather it be a good or bad. but just take notice when I can!

    Your Necklaces are so beautiful. I love them.. Hope you have a wonderful week my friend..

    Hugs, Linda

  15. hi lynn! i've just spent a great morning catching up with you through your posts - you have been so busy doing such awesome things!! a marathon!! zowie!
    this post was wonderful. i walked around the rest of today trying to settle on a word for my year...there's this, or that, well this is a good word too...finally it hit me, the word for my year can only be "FOCUS"
    thanks for getting me set in the right direction!!
    but the most important thing i want to tell you is
    brenna & i have the same jammies. no kidding.

  16. Hello, Lynn! I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting my blog. It is so nice to meet you.

    Your latest post really got me thinking. At this point, I'm not sure if I could come up with a word for my upcoming year, but I'll certainly be thinking about it.

    During my visit, I kept thinking what an artist you are! You have created some beautiful things! :)

  17. Oh Mz Lynn!

    I don't even know where to begin...

    Awesome post and awesome work.

    I get your idea of a low ceiling as I think I have one also. Then a picture popped into my head of us wearing helmets. Do you think we could get a bulk discount? And then you could decorate them. It could be a new best seller for you.......whadaya think???

    Oh---I think my color would be purple.

  18. you are fantastic! And your soldered necklaces are fabulous. I do NY devotions as I can't stand the word resolution. this year my devotions are: patience, inquiry, compassion, playfulness, trust, wanting. Whew! Are the pendants for sale???

  19. WOW! I missed this post - must have been taking a catnap for YOU! "She" gets like you and becomes focused and cannot tear herself away. "She" addresses the issues and I'll share with you for future use - laundry? Turn your underwear inside out dear. Food? Wendy's is just down the road. Clean the house? Take your glasses off, you won't notice.

    Looking at your BEAUTIFUL creations.....I think the borrowed time was well borrowed.

    As for the word for the year....I shall have to go read this post. Although right off the top of my furry head, the word "fish" comes to mind. Probably not exactly a good word to name the new year is it? Where's Miss Party? Bet her word would be something like...."eat cake". I mean after all, she did take off with the flour for a good reason I'm sure ;)


    Romeo and "her"

  20. This post moved me. Your thoughts are so similar to what I would like to accomplish this year. My word is 'change' because there are so many things about me that I would like to change but your word 'intention' is pertains to me too. So maybe I need to 'change with intention'!