Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Various Stages of Happiness

We are back from vacation and I am in various stages of painting.

Which brings me great pleasure...

Which is good, as I have found out that I have been accepted to a three day show in town called 
Art For Heaven's Sake!!
When I received the acceptance letter, Doug and Brenna had to tell me to breathe.

I now find myself getting ready for this show as well 
as a show at Jenny Doh's studio in Santa Ana.

Nervous happiness, realizing just how much needs to get done in the next two months.

Excited happiness, as this is truly what I want to do and I'm given opportunities to do so.

I can't say Miss Party has brought much happiness.
My kind neighbor had her for the week we were gone.
I got a text that said, "do you think it's possible that Dixie would eat a box of chocolate and the wrapping and hide it? All we can find is the bow that was on top of the box"
I, uh...well, let's think back to the box of Oreos she nabbed off the kitchen table which we found for days under couch cushions. Umm...


They eventually found the evidence hidden in the back yard.
No, she didn't get sick, and yes, I offered to replace the box of chocolates.


Check back on Sunday, I'm blessed to be doing a guest post for Heather and Vanessa's blog,

Have a great day!


  1. That I all so great Lynn! So happy for you!

  2. who could ever stay mad at the pretty doggie face, awww.

    So happy for all that is coming your way Lynn!!!
    Now if you could only set up on the beach and paint the day away :)

    Have fun with it all.

  3. I thought chocolate was poisonous for dogs; your little darling is lucky, and also, it is cool you will be in art shows. Now get back to painting LOL.

  4. How WONDERFUL, Lynn! So exciting when what you want to do comes to fruition! Can't wait to see more! XO

  5. Sounds like lots of good news here.. So happy and excited for you.


  6. Congrats on the shows! I love the title of your post and all the photos that go with it! Art is happiness! What a dog- reminds me of who our dog ate an entire batch of cupcakes and did not leave a crumb behind. We didn't know she could get on the table until then...