Friday, August 24, 2012

Wrapping Up Summer In A Ramble

The end of summer vacation.
The worst time of year for me. 

The end of not setting an alarm.
The end of lazy dinners, pajama days, iced tea runs, hours spent reading library books, beach days and summer camp.
What happened?

Just when my husband and I have gotten into a routine of reading outside under the lights in the summer air,

I'm staring at the calendar, realizing we have three days left before school begins.

Shoot. We still have home made popsicles left to eat.

Zoku Popsicle maker from Williams and Sonoma. 
Rad birthday gift for Brenna. These are watermelon/ peach, and lemon. The key-lime flavor was pretty darn tasty as well.

Now it's the season for appointments, the push to buy holiday items and practice after school.

(yes, this is what I wear at my dentist's office.)

We won't go without a fight, though.
My neighbor and I took Brenna and a friend to the beach today for one final summer hurrah.

It's been hotter than hot here and we just had to go down one last time.
It was cloudy and warm....I knew better, but I wasn't the sunscreen nazi I usually am.

Let's just say we are all paying for it.
At least we'll remember today when school begins and our faces, arms and legs are peeling.
One more layer of me looking like saddle leather when I'm 70...

Have I boo-hooed enough?
I guess.
Thank goodness summer comes again next year.

Here's the Iphoto summer highlights:

beach*birthday*starbucks*july4*camp*bbq oldstyle*pajamadays*weddings and love*art*dolphins*dancing*vacation*family*bravegirls.


  1. You are a california girl!
    This ramble is the dream all us mid-west girls grew up thinking california was... Simple, sun, beach...I think it is why so many flock to your state :)
    But Summer ends and so does that California dreaming...
    Good luck with the alarms and early mornings. I know it will take a long time to get back in to that routine.
    But have fun, smile and know you will have TIME ALONE ;)

  2. Those popsicles were SO TASTY...I bought the Zoku popsicle maker at Williams-Sonoma two days ago!! Loved being part of your summer in San Diego and for Brenna's birthday - you know...I still haven't worn my bathing suit yet? Sad.

  3. I hate to see it go too! I felt this year that we were actually a bit too busy to have any fun, lol. And now our weather has turned cool quickly at least at night. The hot days irritate me because all the pools are closed through the week because the kiddies here went back on the 21st. Oh well, looking forward to fall I guess.

  4. I feel the exact same way about summer ending!! My kids and I had the most fun day though today trying to enjoy as much of the freedom we could while we still have it. It was glorious and a memory I'll treasure forever! So, I guess these last few days aren't so bad after all when we celebrate them like we are right? :-) Hope the sunburns feel better soon!

  5. Fun! I'm now in sunny but cooler Boulder, CO, so loving the end of summer.

  6. Lynn- I'm pouting right along with you and Brenna-- I'm just not ready. Not that I don't love beautiful fall days-- I'm just not ready to say goodbye to summer. If you are forming a crybaby club-- count me in!!

  7. Call me weird but I am looking forward to Fall.. I am so done with this summer heat. You are looking pretty cute in those glasses.. Hee Hee..