Thursday, December 13, 2012

Friday Rambling

A short ramble this week, as my computer is on the fritz and I'm attempting to do this with an iPad. I don't like typing  a lot on the touch screen-it makes me nuts. I keep hitting the letter N instead of the space bar and to go back and correct is a nightmare. Plus, it automatically puts words in for me that I don't want. I'm sure there is a way around this, but I don't have the time or patience to figure it out.
Note to self:
Migraine type headache is not worth the effort it is taking to upload photos from the iPad. Hence the blog from the iPhone. as in, iGive...iWavethewhiteflag...iHavetofinishchristmas.
iHope you don't mind.
****ha. I figured it out. It only cost me $2.99 for an app, but I think I figured out the great "I".

Well, well, well. The Christmas season is truly upon us.

I woke up this morning realizing I remembered what it was I did not want to repeat this year. I did not want to have a billion things left to do when my eldest came home from college for break. I have four days left before she comes home.......

It could be doable, since I am doing Christmas "light" this year.

Speaking of light, check out our tree this year. I decided to only put up the small one in the family room this year. I bought it through our school to support a fundraiser. They delivered the tree to the school and all I had to do was pick it up. It came with a stand and everything. It was advertised as a 3-4 ft. Tree.

The catch? It's about eighteen inches tall.

I learned its better to give than to receive this year.

I have discovered some holiday magic. 

Hallmark Christmas movies, you know the cheesy 25 days of Christmas that the Lifetime channel runs? Well, Brenna and I are having a blast watching hem. We turn on the two strands of lights on our miniature tree, curl up with my now tranquilizer dog on the couch and color together while we watch happy endings for single women, widowed dads and Santa's son.

You should try it!

Seriously, I hope your days are full of hope and expectation for the coming good news of the birth of a baby who came to bring peace....not stress and bah humbug!



  1. What a cute little tree that is. And I agree it is better to give than receive. I am thinking that is a perfect way for my daughter and me to spend an afternoon. Watching sappy lifetime movies.

    Wishing you a happy weekend my friend.


  2. I want to laugh, cry and scream with you.
    Why does it have to be so congested with gotta do this, gotta give this and make us all crazy.
    I think you have the right idea of letting go and watching those movies that tug at our heartstrings, cuddled up with your little girl and coloring.
    It is all about those family moments of giving time and love to family that matters. not the big tree, the gifts or bustling around it is the hugs and cuddles that will be remembered and make the kids great grownups.
    Take care!!!!

  3. Lynn get yourself a stylus they are pretty cheap mine has a thing on the end that goes into the hole for the earphone and i keep it there all the time then take it out to type or use with the apps...love your blog have u on my google reader...
    hugz bev

  4. My daughter and I love Hallmark movies, too...and I'm a big fan of the no-stress Christmas...trying hard to get there!

  5. Lynn, you never fail to make a smile come to face upon reading your post! What a sense of humor! I know what you mean about making a light Christmas. Two of the three "boys" are home with the third expected tonight. Don't think that is going to happen with this storm. However, I am battling the urge to get two more decoration projects completed... just two more!! And then I stop and think, "they're only guys and they don't really care all that much about the details." What is done will be enough from the male point of view! But seriously.... I need to get off this computer so I can work on that burlap table runner!!!!! AWK!!!!!!!