Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Ramblings

This is Baby Step number 4 to bring Christmas to my house.
So far, it's the only decorating I've done and I kinda like it...just a little bit now and then.

My red cup summed up one of my days last week. Thank goodness I share these photos with my sweet friend, Amy. She seriously helps to keep me sane.

Why did I have a snowman-throwing-his-hands-up-in-surrender kind of a day, you ask?
Two Words.
Miss Party.
Oh, yeah. Miss Smarty Pants Me thought it would all be resolved with the full dose of prozac..
Too bad she went beserk when I went to the grocery store the other day and chewed on the door frame to the garage until she bled.
I thought I would be kind and gentle and leave the door open to the garage and just close the screen. You know..so she could see out.
I don't think she appreciated it, as she chewed through the screen and was in the garage to greet me when I pulled in after picking up B from school.
She's lucky she didn't get run over.
Now, when I leave, I make sure to put on her Thundershirt. Or, if I don't have to stop anywhere, I'll just give up and take her in the car for a ride.

I have called the vet and to my surprise, he has a dog that he sees in his clinic that is very similar to Miss Party and is on Prozac and ..... a very small dose of tranquilizers.
Yep. I'm in.
This way, if she chews on the door again, I'll take the dose of tranquilizers myself before I tell my husband.
Hey. Maybe I'll get myself a Thundershirt and I'll change the blog name to Greyskies and it will be all about neuroses.

Next subject, please.

I am keeping up with my card for the day, thanks to Deb.

I did have to do two today, but I'm all caught up.
This one is my favorite. I'm listening HARD. 
I'm listening for joy. For Grace. I can hear it a little bit when it's quiet. 

I got up to take a break and saw this sweet bird out my kitchen window.
How vibrant he is against the green. 
I bet he doesn't need a Thundershirt.
Probably doesn't even need Prozac.
Maybe I should get a bird.

I took a journaling class with Pam Garrison a while back, and I thought I would share what I learned with Brenna's class.
We will be putting photos in our finished project.

The kids had so much fun.

We talked about patterns, covering the paper, practiced on the white board...

It was a surprise to them what we would be doing that afternoon. One student asked if we would be making candy and was a little disappointed when I said no.

I think they were o.k. with the end results..

I can't wait to see how beauty will come from these. Each one is so very unique.
We will work on them a little bit each week.

I wish you could have been there to hear the conversation around the table while we were working.

I can't wait until the color goes on!!

To all of you.
 May your days be full of grace and your hearts be listening to what is important...


  1. How do i even find the words my friend. You give me such strength and insight on days i want to throw my arms up too. Its why these silly little phones were made. So in an instant we can connect with a friend and hug through a picture. Now for miss party oh i am laughing at your tranquilizer thought. Maybe hubby should be incharge of the meds lol.
    Simple is best all around this year. The decor is not what matters but the eyes of that child on xmas morning and the feeling you get sharing love with the family.
    She looks like she really enjoyed this art lesson which i am sure made your heart smile :). Such a great mom and you inspire me to keep movin learning and sharing with others.
    Sending huge hugs

  2. Oh my goodness! How is that thundershirt working for you? I have thought of getting one for Henry. He's not chewing things, he just cries and howls if left alone. Not always though. He went to the vet for itching and and ear infection. Turned out the ear drops caused him to go completely deaf! It was bad enough when he was slightly deaf. Luckily its temporary, or seems to be.

    Your decorating is going as well as mine :)

  3. I love reading what is going on in your life! Thank you. {hugs}

  4. LOL yeh boy, how about a round of tranquilizers for all ;) I think Willow has been on the phone with Miss Party. For days (might as well have been months) she suddenly decides that she wants out of her room. No matter that her and Tessa don't get along. Last night I heard thunder. And it made me anxious. It was just the girls. Do you think they would offer us a two for one on the thundershirts, size medium? Oh wait, that's right, they are dogs. Maybe for Christmas we should ask Santa for one in our size.....

    Love your words, listen and grace! Wonder what your word for today is?????? Mine? Still working on kind LOL I think perhaps it's time to go back out in the studio and come up with a different word. Something a bit less involved then "kind" LOL I'll still be up at 4 a.m. if you want to come and help ;)

    I looks like the lesson was a success. Yes, no candy would be disappointing but that's where the imagination is a good thing. Less fat, less sugar, more drawing :)

    Sending you hugs,

    "her" and Romeo

  5. I took my decorating this year nice and slow.. A little everyday. Our pets are enough to drive us crazy, Aren't they! My Cat is getting old and senile and wakes us up every morning at 5:00am.. I am thinking she needs to be on some kind of meds for that. How cool that you have been keeping up on your daily cards. They look amazing. Thanks for sharing...


  6. Ha, ha! I just left a comment for you (about the one you left for me on my blog) and I'm soooo reassured that I have a kindred spirit over here!! Today, I will put out a few decorations... check! My dog (14 years old) is known as Twirly Girl due to her obsessive need to go around in circles and she is on meds now to calm her down.. check,check!! We got things in common, Lynn!! :-)

  7. My decorating is mostly the same as last year, but it's going slowly too. In truth? I'm OK with that. I am determined to enjoy the process as well as the product this year. I actually like to craft. If crafting something silly slows me down? So be it.

    As to your ramble this week, I'm sorry to giggle just a bit about poor Miss Party and her chewing. Ever stop to wonder what kind of world we live in, when even the four footed folks need a little Prozac? Oy! Ha!

    And I loved both your own art and the work you did with the kids this week. I need you to come to my house and give me an art lesson.

  8. OH Lynn, glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor! Poor Miss Party...hope the Prozac helps!