Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mid Week Hello

It's Wednesday...nothing new on the doctor front. Still waiting on blood tests. Brenna is getting new glasses, so I'll have to put away the Washi tape. How do I even begin to say that I am  so, so  thankful for each of you and all your encouragement. Truly, I am! 

I'm working on getting ready for an art show coming up April 13 called Red Dirt. It's in the park next to the old police station in Redlands. If you are around, stop by and say hi! If you do stop by and tell me you heard about the art show on my blog, I will have a special treat for you!!! Cause I just love you like that....

antique dictionary pages and vintage flash cards

My camera is still not well. You know, my beloved camera. That one. I went to the camera store to have it repaired and couldn't seem to find the store. I finally realized why. They have gone out of business. Now I'm having to figure out how to send it off to Cannon. I am once again relying in my iPhone.

With Easter drawing near, I think of my "giving up" fear and anxiety for lent and my thoughts can't help but wander to Jesus in the garden before Judas blew His cover. Talk about dealing with fear and anxiety. 
Now that Lent is almost over, will I take up my fear and anxiety with great gusto again?
Holy moly. I hope not. Rather, I think I'm onto something that will still take more time to drive home.

 At the moment, I'm reading a fabulous book my friend gave me called One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. She talks about having a life of thanksgiving and how it brings down fear and anxiety. I'm just into the first couple of chapters, but they are so thought provoking.

I'm off to get more work done in the studio...

Hoping your week is glorious!


  1. Hello my friend during mid week.. Oh how I wish I could go to your Art show. It really isn't that far from Vegas. But too much on my plate here at home. So sorry to hear about you camera. I hope they get it fixed soon. Your iphone takes great photos. Loving your art work that I see here.

    Best of Luck my friend.


  2. The camera is a sad thing... I hate to think about my camera giving it up, but good news about the glasses and I will be sending positive thoughts regarding all test results... as to the show... sounds awesome and I would love to be on the other side of the world so I could come along and visit...xx

  3. Love your artwork, Lynn! Thanks for the heads up about the book...a life of Thanksgiving sounds like a very good way to live!

  4. Dear Lynne,
    Four in the morning and I am in pain. No sleep to be found. I just read the last eight or so of your entries. You and Brenna are both in my prayers. I was just so shocked and saddened at your health difficulties. I hope your fear and anxiety stay under control right now. What a lot to deal with! The last time I looked you were at a jenny Doh workshop and published and now you are teaching...oh, so wonderful. You are soaring, you know. You have learned and worked and broadened your skills and, h my, what wonderful work you do.
    I still am planning on coming back to my blog...in fact, I have even taken pictures. It is so hard to do anything 'responsibly" right now, or with focus. I am doing ok enough, but this grief journey is so long and hard and it seems like every time I turn my head, I am grieving Jud in a new way.
    I volunteered to go some art projects for a local group called The Grief Project. It does feel so good to be involved in something. I am also putting on a baby shower for a dear friend's daughter and turning the house into a circus the week after Easter. I just can't keep things small. Remember when I was tour swap partner and the big box I sent?
    There is a chance I will be coming to San Diego this summer for Camp Widow (how is that for a cheerful name...lol) and of course, I will let you know. I want to give you a big hug in person.
    Sending you love,
    P.S. Lauren. Oh wow! She looks wonderful and sounds so grown up. Katie has an interview tomorrow at a clinic that Jud helped start called Cornerhouse. It is a center that does evaluations on kids who have just been sexually abused. The legal people, doctors and psychologists all work together and it is very child friendly. They are down to the last two. I am so proud of her and it would be so touching for me if she got the job. Whatever happens, I am still proud!

  5. I lost my comment. Sigh.
    Compared to waiting for tests, my internet/computer woes are merely an annoyance, but they have become a major one for me.

    It's frustrating to type out a response that you really want a blog friend to read only to lose it when you hit publish.

    Anyway, I so hope you hear something soon and that it's easily addressed. I hope the art show goes well and am glad you have the creative outlet because I think it's a wonderful antidote to internal wrestling.

    I love that book and have it myself. She greatly inspired me.

    I really hope this posts...