Monday, March 18, 2013

Testing, Testing.....

Testing comes in many forms.
A test class, for instance.
My friend, Sue and I ran one more test class for our Courageous Women of the HeART class that involves art journaling and life coaching.
We had a blast with Robin, Becky, Tammy and Elena. 
These ladies gave us tons and tons of useful feedback and we formed some great friendships after our time together!

Sue, Elena, Robin, Tammy, Becky and myself.

In getting ready for this test class, I have made another new friend. Her name is Jill from Plaid Crafts.
You can follow Plaid Crafts on Face Book HERE! Jill was kind enough to respond to my email about using their fabulous Mod Podge product for our art journaling and sent us some amazing product to use. It literally got to us in the nick of time, and I appreciate her effort so much!

Love those people from Plaid Crafts-thanks, Jill!

I have not forgotten what I have given up for Lent. (Fear and Anxiety)
I just haven't written much about it because I have been busy and have had some wonderful days...but as always, fear and anxiety continue to show up in different ways.
As we discussed fear in our class on Friday, it occurred to me that I will never give up fear and anxiety completely.

Robin's brave girl.

Rather, my goal has changed and it is to not let them rule my life.
When dealing with fear, one goal is to focus on the NOW. 
Right NOW is pretty darn good.

I love photos of hands, don't you?

Another goal is to remember that we are NOT ALONE.
We are here to help one another.

When we keep it to ourselves, it's like fear is a sore and it gets infected and takes over, making us miserable.
BUT...When we gather together and say those fears out loud, they tend to loose their power over us.

Gathering. Together. Sharing Fears and ways to overcome.

It never ceases to amaze me what happens when women gather together.
We learn so much from each other.

I can't wait to see what comes of these classes.
Sue and I are putting our heads together and I will let you know when we launch the classes, which will be soon!

In the mean time, be courageous, find a friend, talk a mile a minute and write in a journal!


  1. Fear and anxiety do like to rear their ugly heads now and again! Your classes look wonderful and full of enouragement. Wish I was nearby!

  2. Beautiful Dear Lynn

    I so love your writing it always sends a wonderful blessing of hope into my heart. I think the classes will be the safe haven for each woman to share their journey. Wishing you a beautiful week.


  3. I am so encouraged by you!
    You are such a strong woman and find so many ways to kill that dragon that keeps coming back to storm the castle.
    I feel stronger just knowing I am not alone in this disease of anxiety.
    I am finding more and more woman are not hiding it and letting it out. So as Kate put it best, yes a safe haven is needed for us just to release and feel normal in a moment in time. My question is , why are so many women suffering from this horrible fear in life. It really makes me wonder.
    Here is to finding answers thru art!
    Congrats my friend, I am so proud of you!!!

  4. Ah yes, fear. I'm slowly learning that I am the one that has been letting it control my life.I can't wait to see more about your class!

  5. beautiful work and I agree, women together create miracles, make magic,

  6. You are so right that the key is not to let them rule you. For far, far, too long I have let my anxiety rule me. Simply put, it is a lack of trust. I'm trying very hard this year to step out of my comfort zone and do the thing I fear to do more often.

    I love what the class is yielding for you so far, and I agree that what we do when we gather together is wonderful.

  7. Lynn-
    Loved that you blogged about your
    Courageous Women of the HEart class!
    I am so excited for you!! The class sounds
    amazing-- can't wait to take it!! Women creating together
    is potent mojo!!
    "We are so Powerful Working Together"

  8. Now that sounds like a wonderful class. It does look like you are all having fun.