Thursday, February 20, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Friends, Coffee and Paper

A call for flowers came a few weeks ago. Could I possibly make some for an upcoming wedding for a friend's daughter? Of course! A little tweaking, a little cutting, a few texts back and forth and flowers were ready to bloom. 
Four of us had set a day this week to work on wedding plans with our friend. 
We have gathered over the years to work on so many, many different things together and this time held  the same excitement as we have had in the past.

I made a template for the flowers, hauled out the long table, set up what was needed to work and made coffee.

Once again, we gathered. 
Stopping a moment to wonder just how many times we have gathered over the years, I drew comfort from these familiar friends.

As we worked, we talked over the same subjects that we have covered a million times:
families, parents, kids, needs, hopes, prayer.

We covered new themes-wedding plans, mother of the bride dresses, how the weeks are flying by until the big day.

As we talked and worked, I could feel myself settling, breathing.
Drinking in the familiar and the safe.

Flowers were created and finished-so much accomplished! 
We went our separate ways, to pick up the business that awaited each of us, the needs calling our names.

Reflecting over the week, it doesn't seem quite so heavy because it was shared today.
Oh, sure. The unanswered questions are still there, the frustrations are still there, the tiredness hasn't gone away.
But because it was shared with friends over coffee and paper, it doesn't seem quite so monumental.
Saying the words out loud takes away some of the frustration over unanswered questions, it releases the burden those thoughts bring when kept inside.

This week, I hope you find a friend to share with, someone familiar to release words to.
If you can do it over creating and coffee-all the better!
Happy Friday.


  1. Sounds like a fun time, Lynn! I need to assemble a group to create with!! The flowers are so pretty!! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. So true. It always feels better to let it out amongst friends in a calm setting.
    It feels as if you have come out of a fresh bath and are cleanse of all the knots in our backs.
    I am so glad you had this time together and what a fun project to lift the spirits!! I can't wait to see photos of all the decor hanging!

  3. It sounds like a lovely time...and yes I have been able to meet with friends over the last week...always good for the spirit!

  4. Its so fun to hook up with friends, It looks and sounds like you had a great time.. And I enjoyed seeing your photos.. Hope you are having a happy weekend.


  5. You're very fortunate to have such close and crafty friends, Lynn! What a wonderful time you all must have had. I'd love to see the finished bouquets. Photos, please :)
    xo ~ A