Thursday, February 27, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Permission

I am happily participating in Kelly Rae Robert's Hello Soul, Hello Mantra class.
Which, in my humble opinion is providential.

This week has continued to be a doozy.
My bi-annual colonoscopy revealed that I am yet again in a flare up.
I share this because I have "met" many others who walk the road of Ulcerative Colitis through blogging and it's good to know you are NOT alone.

I needed these gentle reminders today:

It was a day for paint, play, trial and error, new colors and everything in between. 

mission accomplished.

I ruined another pair of pajama pants, listened to Lady Antebellum on Pandora,
and went at my own pace.

is it possible to love a brayer? 

The goals for the morning were simple:
Put Paint On Canvas.
Be Curious.
Put More Paint On Canvas.

I can't tell you how many times I had to refer to my little notes.
Those voices.
Never stop.

So, more paint, more curiosity...

...and a little writing on my wrist to be double sure.

and no, I am not getting a real tattoo. i like changing the words all the time.

Happy Friday!


  1. bahahaha no tattoos we got it!
    Sounds like a flinging paint dance party was in your studio today. What a fun place to be in. I bet a masterpiece did evolve.
    Wait, now all I can think of is the dance party I sent you earlier, lol
    Happy Friday

  2. Exactly what I need to do today. I need to write a message on my wrist. I have thought that since you started doing it, and I never have.

    But here's the big thing: I am such a HOT MESS these days that I would fill up two wrists, two arms, and an armpit.

    The armpit would say: Really, it's not all in the pits...

    Just kinda kidding. Not about the hot mess part.

  3. The class sounds fun, as does lightheartedly playing with paint! And love the cute font on your wrist:) Really hope the colitis heals up (my sister dealt with that - bad news).
    Take care and continue to enjoy your art making,
    xo ~A

  4. Sorry to hear you are in flare :( I know it is no fun. Glad to see you are staying creative!