Thursday, March 27, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Adoption

Oh this life with our sweet children.
When it's good it's really. really. GOOD.
When it's tough-well. You all get it.
Today I have a GOOD thing to share.
I have made a friend through Instagram named Amber. 
You can follow her story here.
I met her by a common thread on Down Syndrome.
She has a sweet son and we like to rejoice over the hurdles our kids make together.

original vintage children's altered book page. 

She and her family have decided to expand in an extraordinary way.
They are adopting.
But, not JUST adopting.
They are adopting two baby boys, both with Down Syndrome from the Ukraine through the agency, Reece's Rainbow.
I dare you to read their story and not fall in love with them. 

oringinal vintage children's altered book page.  

I kept reading her Instagram feed and getting excited on the prospect of bringing the boys home.
To be loved and cared for in a way they will otherwise never know.
How could I possibly help?

original vintage children's altered book page.

Donating is always good, right?
But could I do it with a cool twist?
Make up some art on vintage book pages?
With special sayings?
With boys?

Why yes, I think I could.
So I did.
Each one of these book pages comes from a children's book dated from 1935 or earlier.
They have been covered with an Acrylic and Gesso wash and then hand lettered with black ink.

Each one is in an white mat, suitable for an 8x10 frame.
They are not prints, these are the actual book page.

One of these could be yours.
-includes shipping-
In remembrance of our children's extra 21st chromosome that makes them uniquely ours.

Leave me a comment with your email and I will bill you through Pay Pal.
There's only three, so act quickly!
Let me know which one you want by the title:
"Today Is Full Of Possible"
"Count Your Many Blessings"
"Be As Happy As Possible"

Let's do this and help to bring the boys HOME.

Many thanks to Amber, for allowing me to participate in this way in their family's incredible adventure.

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  1. What a wonderful idea and thing you're doing! reading this made my day, sunny greetings from Finland.