Thursday, June 26, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Sabbatical


Coming from the Hebrew word "shabat", it literally means a ceasing.
It's a rest from work, or a break, lasting two months to a year.
In being halted from doing lots of things I normally do, I am tentatively looking at the time my shoulder break needs to heal as a sort of "sabbatical", or a gift.
A good thing. 

A novel concept, huh?
Seeing this whole ridiculous time in my life as a gift?

Unfortunately, my first thoughts are, "Why? Why should I see this broken shoulder time as a break? A rest? A gift?"
Rest isn't something I naturally do for an extended time, all though it's something I often think about.
I can struggle all I want. 
Or all I think I need to. Which, really is just pride. 
It doesn't do me much good, 'cause my shoulder just isn't going to work.
I am deciding to learn during these days.
I desire to learn to accept this accident as a gift of restorative time.

And if I deny this TIME I have been given, aren't I shaming the Gift-giver?
So, each day, I will purposely open this gift. 
Savor it.
Lean into it.
Find quietness in it.
Find more of myself in it.
Find the beauty in it.

Hoping you will find a gift of time to open just for you today.


  1. You have the right perspective, Lynn. As difficult as something like this seems - it really is a gift. You just have to interpret the meaning for yourself. Lovely paintings. M.x

  2. Beautiful words and pictures. Valerie

  3. Beautiful birds and post. Being positive is a strenght in itself, and to look at it as a given break is a super way of haandling it. Good luck to you!

  4. Well said. Healing thought coming your way.

  5. I LOVE all of your birds. My favorite is the thankful bird <3 So beautiful!

  6. I love your bird art and your seeing this time of shoulder healing as a sabbath.

  7. sometimes the universe is cruel in how it tries to tell you something. But sometimes it is just what we need to stand up and take notice. I believe this was a huge gift given to you. Stop and enjoy life.
    And don't be guilty for taking time for yourself and saying no to others. Heck, others say no to you why not say it back. This is your life make it happy for you too not just everyone around you.
    Said with all love!

  8. what really lovely thoughts. Your journal pages are just beautiful. Happy PPF!

  9. Good thoughts all around. Beautiful pages as well. Sending your ::healing thoughts::

  10. This is a beautiful post, and such calming artwork!

  11. Your birds are beautiful. Hope soon your shoulder gets better.

  12. I am glad you are looking for the best of the situation. This is a time of reflective rest. This brings growth on so many levels and as an artist a time to allow your creative soul to see new paths.

  13. You GET IT! The same thing happened to me 20 odd years ago where I was forced by illness to reevaluate...and it changed my life forever. When we don't listen to the message it gets forced on us!! Enjoy this time to reflect and redirect! There is joy at the end of the process!! Wonderful artwork!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. When you are open to the gifts of the situation, you will find them...love your wise spirit, Lynn...

  15. Great post! Beautiful artwork and beautiful attitude!