Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Broken

Well, hello!
It's been a while, so I'll just spend a little time catching up as typing isn't so fun right now.

Our girl graduated with flying colors.

She had a blast, gave an aMAZing speech with her bestest friend in front of the huge crowd, marched herself across the stage for her diploma and showed us all what living in the present moment is all about.

However, her sister and I were a weepy MESS.
So. Many. Emotions.

We managed to forget to take a family photo, but I did get one with her super teacher.

After graduation and all the celebration, we had the house tented for termites.
Oh, wait. I forgot about the great ant invasion BEFORE graduation.
A large colony decided to make itself known two days before all the graduation company came.
They, along with the dreaded termites, are gone now, hopefully to never be seen again.
When we hit the hotel where we stayed while the house was being tented, I don't think I moved for a solid three hours.
I also learned crappy hotel coffee tastes divine in bed.

We moved back into the house, which took three days. It's pretty cool what I can do with only my left arm and Brenna as my right arm.

After putting the house back together, I had an MRI done on my shoulder and got the results:

Fractured outside wall of the shoulder, contusion on the rotator cuff and inflammation of the bicep  muscle.
I am actually rejoicing, because this means NO SURGERY!!!
It also means no lifting with my right arm for six weeks, but I'll take broken and bruised over surgery any day.

photo by brenna

And art? 
Seriously cannot NOT do it. 
I am learning to do some (lots of) things with my left hand and am realizing if I take my time,  don't move my arm, but just move the paper, I can do small, simple journal entries.
Or, I can move my arm a lot more and then spend quite a bit of time icing my shoulder.

thankful for peel away letter masks by Hazel & Ruby

These summer days, I'm learning more than I ever imagined about rest.
About being needy and vulnerable.
About being thankful, the present moment, grace and a huge host of other things.

How about you?
Is your summer looking any different than how you planned?

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Boy, I sure do know about broken birds.

    Hope your arm heals. Congrats to the graduate.! !

    Nice birdie. Especially like the quiet one.

  2. Do like your quiet bird. There is a time for rest. You need it after the graduation, am sure.

    Happy PPF.

  3. Every day is somehow different to how I plan it, but it's still good! Love your birds! Valerie

  4. Ouch, I'm sorry to hear your arm is broken and hurting you!! But very glad to hear that you will not be needing surgery! That's great news! I'm REALLY impressed with the art that you created using your opposite hand! That's amazing! I don't think I would even be able to draw a line. haha! You little birds are so cute and very appropriate with the hurt wing. And BIG congrats to your daughter on graduating. yaayy!!

  5. Wow! You've had a lot happen in a short time. However you did the birds is wonderful. I can't draw birds at all, left or right hands. Hope the arm heals fast and well.

  6. I so love the reflections of your feelings in your art. Happy congratulations to your lovely daughter on her graduation! Sorry about your injury and hope it heals perfectly and quickly. Boy, nothing like a physical setback to force one to slow down and ponder things. Thank you for sharing and happy PPF!

  7. This post made me tear up...what an emotional roller coaster you have been on! You must be so proud of your beautiful daughter! I know there is a huge message in all these struggles...that no matter what hurdles we can all move through them...that goes for your daughter too! Our children are born to teach us more than we can ever teach them!! Take care of your arm....it may take a few adjustments but I know it's all going to work out beautifully...just like the artwork posted ...

    Hugs Giggles

  8. such awful news about your arm, though sooooo happy no surgery is required, but i actually had a little gasp when i saw the graduation shot....how wonderful... and even crappy coffee does taste wonderful in a hotel room... totally agree with that... huge hugs and wishes speeding your way... and special thoughts for the graduate!!

  9. I'm glad you won't need surgery, but that still doesn't sound fun...at all. I hope it heals quickly for you. The graduation sounds like one of those happy, sad, moment-in-time kind of days...xoxo

  10. Wow! you did these birds with your left hand? They look amazing. Congrats on your daughter''s graduation and hope your arm gets better soon.

  11. Yes dear! absolutely! lve you and your sweet self!

  12. Your daughter is so beautiful and congratulations on her graduation. Sorry you have hurt your arm ... hope it heal really quick. Love the little birds ... you did an wonderful job on those.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  13. big congrats to your daughter. She is so pretty. Also on your art. However, do whatever it takes to keep that arm stable and immobile. Ohhhh ants yeahhhhh they are so bad this year.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  14. Big congratulation to your daughter.
    Your birds are beautiful!
    Hope your arm is getting better soon.