Thursday, August 21, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Balancing Act

So, I had a great idea for a blog post yesterday. It was something about rain and how it cleans our brains and there is nothing like an amazing summer thunderstorm.
The theme of the rain was supposed to coincide with anxiety and letting go and how I've found relief in a tutorial from Fran's blog about lettering and isn't it a little strange to find (compulsive) repetitive motion a way to let my mind wander.

That was before I was thrown into what I call the end of summer, which for me is like, oh, I don't know...torment.
Instead, I'll ramble in a true fashion and show you pretty pictures.

Bus pick up time for the new transitional program Brenna is entering at our local high school:
6:30 am
Wake up time for mom?
Now, I like to think of myself as a morning person. But this is not true and has been reinforced all through out my day today.

We find out that the real bus pick up time 
 is somewhere around 7:00
Many thanks to the bus driver for changing what she had told in the beginning and then not telling me later. Many. Many thanks.

List of anxious thoughts for mom-
 (which lead to liking repetitive and small motions in art and lettering)
waking up early and havoc it will wreak on Brenna
new program
new teacher
learning job skills
waking up early and the havoc it will wreak on Brenna
IEP meetings
juggling early morning wake ups and doctor appts., and night time activities, which apparently now will be non-existent.
hoping that this program will do what it says it will do and teach my child life skills and job skills.
Anxious thoughts for Brenna:

She came home today full of smiles and excitement over lots of activities at school and promptly snapped my head off.
See above for list for life skills and wreaking havoc.

I'm sure by next week I will have found that whining does no good, be fully in the groove of a new season and actually rejoicing at the early wake up time and HOW MUCH I CAN GET DONE DURING THE DAY!!!
I'm sure by next week, I'll have so much art work done, it will astound you. And me.
By next week, Brenna will have a job at Trader Joe's. Or the movie theater, and on top of that she won't be snapping my head off when she comes in the door.

Until then, I'm going to bed at 4:00 in the afternoon.

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  1. Lovely lettering and photos. Valerie

  2. I see naps in your future with a bit of night life and a wonderful job for Brenna too!! Love the doodles and beautiful font....just gorgeous!! As long as we're moms we'll worry...just a fact of life!!
    Happy ppf!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. lovely writing. Happy PPF, Annette x


  4. I always read these the same way. First I read the words, and then I go back and "silently" read the art. To me, they each deserve their own moment, if that makes sense. I love the art in this one, and it is particularly perfect with the text as you scrol, loop, flourish, and layer your way around the words. Just perfect. That's what I see you doing this week.

    And NEXT WEEK... well, we'll see what that holds.

    Sorry to have been so AWOL of late. I have a scheduler changer home right now who still can't find a job and needed oral surgery to boot. Would like a piece of that normal that others speak of.

  5. I'm not a parent so I possibly can't relate to the new school thing although I was once a teenager so I can relate well to the snapping off of mum's head!! I do also have 3 dogs-a puppy that wakes up at 5.30 every morning even though or alarm goes off at 6 anyway and that half hour would make all the difference and 2 other older dogs who decide to bark at 4 in the morning sometimes because they know I'll get up and bring them into our bed just to get them to be quiet! ! But yes early mornings do make for a more productive day!

  6. Wow school already. Glad she had a good first day. Great post, great art, great photos.
    Have a very nice weekend

  7. Lynn, I laughed (with you of course) at your new acceptance of hours and life changes. I'm also not a morning person and its all I can do to get myself to work by 8. Thank goodness we have our art and faith to keep from loosing our last strands of sanity! Happy PPF !

  8. Your lettering is so pretty! Any time I try to do anything with lettering it looks like a small child wrote it. haha!

  9. Gorgeous lettering!!! BTW, teenage girls are usually not known for their affability. Especially with their mothers. But also consider that she may not have gotten enough sleep either!

  10. Love the lettering and yes it is very pretty. Awesome flowers. Have a great weekend. Thanks.

  11. I think you may have a better handle on the havoc than you imagine. It does sound hectic, but everything will work out! The lettering and doodles are totally beautiful and cool. Love the photos too!

  12. As a single parent of twin son and daughter, I can so relate to your anxieties with the starting of the school year and schedules. Yes, her getting a job will be good for her and for you. But there will be nothing normal for awhile. :) That might mean a lot of wonderful doodling and lettering for you.

  13. great idea to get some sleep! Nice lettering and love the flowers! Back to school is always stressful in general (for everyone involved).

  14. love the words an d the art, made me smile!

  15. What a change for your daughter. Hopefully she (and you!) will settle in a routine. here in Ontario we don't start school until after labour Day. Love the calligraphy!

  16. This is a great post. I love your thoughts about parenting, as well as your gorgeous lettering. Blessings!

  17. Your work is just lovely. I really like how you use words in your artwork.

  18. Love the second photo of the white flower, peaceful before your story. Best wishes for more sleep! and a happy ending to the week.

  19. Beautiful photographs and lettering! Hope you're getting plenty of time to relax! Your art has a such a peaceful quality.

  20. Oh, poor you ..... 5.30 am ..... , and then getting your head snapped off ... I hope things will settle soon and that both of you will get used to the change in routines.... Meanwhile: keep going and keep arting .... You'll astound yourself :-)

  21. Lovely lettering and love the angle of the clicks :)

  22. The Calligraphy is fantastic. Glad the bus driver was forthcoming before the pick up. Blessings, Janet PPF

  23. The transition from summer to the beginning of the school year is always a stressor. Good luck with it all. Your lettering is lovely.

  24. Oh my gosh - I am laughing out loud! As the mother of five, with a bus pick up time of 6:20am for MANY years, and waking at 5:00 for those same years - I fully sympathize with your "trials"! The joys of motherhood abound! The "snapping your head off" is most likely because she, too, is tired - and will probably happen again. Just remember, this will pass, and one day she will think you are the most amazing mom she knows!! Though, this does not come for years....... it does come! Good luck with the 4:00 bedtime, I have been living sleep deprived for those same years - and I tell myself and others that, "I don't require much sleep"! Your lettering is lovely beyond measure, and I hope you find your private therapy time in your art. Don't worry about the bus driver, we have had bad ones and good ones, and they just don't give us poor mothers much thought. Wishing you an amazing week and a gentle ride down this road of motherhood :)

  25. I am so not a morning person either, Lynn...but I do tend to get more out of my day if I get up...now if I just wouldn't stay up so late. And thank goodness for coffee. The transitional program sounds like a great idea...hope the changes feel like a new normal soon! Your lettering and artwork are BEAUTIFUL!