Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday Ramblings: A New Art Journal

What a week. SO FULL!!
The days start early and end early. 
I had renamed Brenna grumpy butt and myself whiny britches, but I think we are pulling out of that.
What better way to pull out than with some art.
And sleep.
 For once, the sleep has won out, but the art is a close second.

I discovered a little community on Face Book called Journaling Bible Community and the Pinterest page of the Blogger, Shanna Noel.
I was instantly drawn to using a Bible as an art journal.

I rummaged around and found this Bible that I have had for at least 20 years.

Which you can see by the broken binding and the general wear and tear. 
I haven't wanted to get rid of this one because it has so many memories for me of constantly going back to it to find what I needed to do those early child raising years well.

I found some packaging paper I have saved and took some india ink and a paint brush to it, once again reveling in repetition.

I dug around and found some book binding tape I had purchased long ago for some forgotten project and taped it to the binding of the Bible.

I chose three colors just for simplicity's sake and went to town.

I used acrylic paints and some acrylic paint markers and then went over some details with a black marker.

After that, I cut out squares a little larger than the cover and glued it on, folding over the inside cover.
I debated about covering the book binding, and then chose to cut a strip to glue over it to complete the cover.

Yes, I had to do this twice thanks to my sleep deprived self.

I added sheet music to finish it off. 
Pretty proud to say that only took one cut.

I finished off the outside with a coat of decoupage and smoothed it over with an old hotel key card. Then tried desperately to not think of summer vacation.

Then the fun really kicked in: 

In this particular edition, there are spaces that have small devotional writings, so I covered those with Gesso and went to work art journaling.
A little water color, a little stamping, a little Aquarelle Marker and black ink pen. Oooh-white gel pen, too!

The next page I just covered part of the devotional with white acrylic paint. I think I'll like this better as the Gesso I have is a little rough. I ended up gluing on a piece of sheet music that I drew on over the paint, so I'll have to try it again and see what I think.

I looooove doing this. I can forget all the rules and play.
No small notes on the side margins that I can't see.
No yellow highlighter.
No highlighter, period.

It's all about ink and paint and I even tried running a page through the sewing machine. 
It didn't work very well, but who cares? I tried it. Maybe I'll hand stitch instead.
hmmmm...better wait until I have more sleep under my belt.

My advice? 
Go for it!
 Find an old book, an old Bible, maybe an old dictionary or a thrift store book and go to town.
Use acrylics, stamps, scrapbook stuff, glue, decoupage, markers, you name it.
It's all yours and there are no rules.

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  1. Love the altered art book. I started one ages ago, maybe 18 months ago, I must drag it out!

  2. Looks like you had great fun. Valerie

  3. Thank you for sharing this Lynn. It is beautiful ! It inspired me to also join that Facebook group. It is really taking off like wild fire. The posts are so inspiring. I ordered a journaling Bible and am looking forward to getting started on this challenge. I hope it will be a time of growth. Love your sketch!

  4. Gorgeous piece...I have such difficulty revamping or tearing pages from books... but you have really inspired me! Thank you! Hope you and Brenna get on track with your sleep real soon!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I admire people who have patient to do this kind of art. :)
    Really nice drawings, artsy style!
    Happy PPF!

  6. I like your idea to use a literal bible to alter! Looks really good so far!

  7. I like your idea to use a literal bible to alter! Looks really good so far!

  8. Lynn, I love your altered book! And the cover is wonderful - great doodling! Have fun with it. :)

  9. I really like the patterned cover you have made, amazing that it came from brown paper and it must have been fun to colour in the design.

  10. No adequate words to tell you how much I LOVE this. I love the idea of doing the art over the study notes on an old Bible. So, now don't laugh, the gesso is available at a regular store like HL? And you just put a layer of it on and then create over it, right?

  11. I've never altered a book. Looks like a fun process. Have a great day.

  12. This is the most amazing art and creativity I've seen in a long time. Congrats on your ongoing 'new' journaling. It's just the best idea. Blessings, Janet PPF

  13. Ohhh Lynn you did a great job. I love all the techniques you applied. Very nice

  14. oh my goodness! how inspiring! I love this post! Wonderful, creative and exciting! Happy PPF!

  15. Beautifully altered, Lynn. Like Sherrie (Giggles) I have trouble tearing pages out of books, but this is a wonderful alternative. I would never cover up the scriptures but your idea of using the devotional part is great.

  16. LOVE this...and love how you used what you had. Wonderful!!!

  17. Love this! I really enjoy turning old books into journals and art journaling is so therapeutic. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

  18. what a lovely idea! thanks for sharing your process, it looks fun and creative.

  19. I love it, Lynn...you are really a wonderful illustrator!

  20. I am on the group too. I also use old bible I had for 20 yrs and was going to give it away. But found Shanna's group and love art journalling in it. Your art is just beautiful. Love how you just went for it.