Thursday, September 25, 2014

Friday Rambling: Pre-Wedding Jitters

I found a spoon in my purse the other day.
I have no idea how the spoon got in my purse, but I do know it was not a clean spoon and yes, it was from my house.
While writing this post, I'm realizing it's still in my purse.
Such is life a week and a couple of days before my eldest daughter's wedding.

It's full of:
 Lists, lists and more lists.
Color coded lists. 
Lists in my car, in a notebook, one taped on the wall in the family room.

The latter being my favorite.
It's color coded and I make BIG MARKS when I cross something off.
I got so excited, I crossed off something that my husband had finished which upset him as it was HIS chore to be crossed off. I stole that fabulous feeling of accomplishment.
He was pretty disappointed. 
I tried making it up to him the next day and offered for him to cross off my stuff, but he declined.
I guess it just wasn't the same.

Let's see...
there's making my kitchen look like a bomb went off.
Oh, wait. 
That was from baking with my sweet friend Paula.
We knocked out 16 dozen gluten free cookies and 8 dozen gluten free fudge brownies.

After this day, I have free advice to mothers of young daughters:
Pray that Pinterest will be out of existence by the time your girls get married.
It will threaten your sanity in a severe way.
I'm all for DIY, but oh my.....

Shopping helps to break up the Pinterest craziness and the realization that EVERYTHING YOU DO WILL TAKE 2-3 TIMES LONGER THAN YOU THINK.

Weeks full of wedding prep need side trips with Brenna to make me realize the meaning of "a really good day."

Estate sales might add to the insanity, but as long as you are driving to sixteen stores and have only two hours, you might as well stop.

Cause you will find something for everyone, making it a 
"A really good day"

Holding fast to faith and expressing it through some quick painting during a full week is a good thing.
Seriously-even if all I do is paint chalkboard paint on something or stain a box- it helps.

Drinking something ice cold and a little sweet is fun. If, however, it has caffeine and you don't normally drink caffeine it isn't particularly recommended.
 BUT when you make 21 center pieces outside and it's 102 degrees at the end of flipping September you just can't help yourself.
and i only drank half.

Later in the week, the fulness in the week was made better by gathering with friends and working on projects. It is priceless, humbling and makes one truly grateful.

As full as this week and a half has been, it's gonna get FULLER!!!!!!!!!
I'll be offline to celebrate our daughter's wedding and finish up those lists....
Have a wonderful Friday and I'll be back soon to post pictures.

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  1. Happy wedding! Looking forward to seeing you back here.

  2. Okay....you HAVE to post pics of the wedding! Lots of them. I can't wait to see everything. I love reading this post. Charming ;) I love lists. Yours "looks" particularly gorgeous. I know, for you it's all have to get it done stuff but I think they are art! Hugs, good luck and thinking of you!
    Happy Paint Party Friday!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Happy Wedding...thanks for sharing...and yes weddings are insanely busy!! All the best to your family! Can't wait to see the after photos!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Your picture gives something of the feel of your life at the moment. Great post.

  5. That is quite a week... Scarily I found a fork in my purse recently so I totally get the whole where did that come from idea... Glad I am in good company with the cutlery mysteries lol... The wedding is going to be amazing I am sure and I can't wait to see the photos... I never thought that weddings may be more full on post Pinterest arriving on the scene but it totally makes sense... It will be worth it though... I am sending lots of positive get things off your list vibes your way...xx

  6. Great post.Hope the wedding is great and you make it in one piece until then.

  7. I love your posts--you have so many fun things going on--lovely photography, pre-wedding prep, fun comments, beautiful artwork. All of these things combine to show what a fun person you are. I just enjoy reading what you post, every time I come here. ((hugs)) Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  8. Well no matter how busy you are i can tell your excited and having fun! Lovely photos.....thanks so much for sharing! Hugs! deb

  9. Lynn, I love the art piece you are showing this week. I wish you a great wedding this weekend. I know what you mean about the satisfaction of being able to cross off something on a list.

  10. Sounds like there is lots to do. Enjoyed your post.:)

  11. you are indeed a busy lady - but it will be over soon. Enjoy and grab some rest when you can.

  12. I love the painting! Great texture

  13. Wishing you and yours a beautiful wedding. Relish every moment....all that planning and it goes by in a flash. Enjoy?

  14. You look and sound really busy! Keep going, you're almost there, and everything'll go smoothly, I'm sure :-) Celebrate and enjoy!

  15. Lovely painting full of energy. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding!

  16. I am so glad that in all my busyness I didn't miss the wedding. I am so looking forward to seeing the pictures. I love weddings. Have I ever told you that?

    I know all the prep has been a frenzy, but I loved how you blogged it, and I loved the repetition of "a very good day". It all sounds wonderful to my way of thinking, and I loved the part about pinterest.

    Honestly? I think that little jewel has made a LOT LOT LOT of things kind of crazy. Learning to balance it was a life goal for me this year, and I have done fairly well with that.

    Can't wait for the wedding recap. I just know it was " a very good day."

  17. Loved the girl running painting...Best wishes for your daughter's wedding...Prayers for both the Bride and the Groom!

  18. What fun, I know I know, hectic, but look at the results. Blessings, Janet PPF

  19. Wow...congratulations, Lynn! How exciting for you all. I imagine the wedding has come and gone, and I'm sure you need a while to recoup. Have been out of touch for a while and am just catching up. Glad to know all is well at your end...