Thursday, October 9, 2014

Friday Ramblings: The Wedding

No artwork this week, but as promised, wedding photos.

I'm not sure I will do this post justice. There are just too many feelings and emotions I am STILL trying to process, to recall, to let soak into my heart and mind.
I'll just recap the highlights I can recall!

You guys.
We have a SON!!!!!!!!!!!
(A good thing to be able to recall.)

The temperature being 105. Stupid hot.
Holding the back of my daughter's dress and running to the bathroom. No, really. RUNNING. She was afraid the groom would see her.

When I began to walk down the aisle, I made eye contact with a dear friend, and that's all it took. I couldn't stop weeping. Tears just leaked out. Leaked. They didn't stop for two days.

These beautiful girls. 
In my house for five days.
Yes, I cried when they left. 
So what. You would have, too.

Each one of the bridesmaids giving the groom a special, distinct look as they came down the aisle.
Brenna's smile as she entered right before her sister-oh, Lord, have mercy. I thought her face would split.

The moon rising and the temperature going down, giving us a magical evening as the lights twinkled.
Sweating on the dance floor like I was in Mexico.

Candle light.
Good music
Great food

Maybe an illegal firework or two.
Friends on their knees cleaning up confetti from the grass.
People pitching in to gather, box up and move so. much. stuff.
Another friend, his tie slung over his shoulder and his shirt sleeves rolled up while he helped in the kitchen.

 In the blink of an eye, it was finished and we found ourselves scrambling to clean up in an hour what took weeks and weeks (and weeks) to put together.
But the memories?
Ah, well.
They last forever and get sweeter over time.

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  1. Lovely! Looks like a magical wedding.

  2. AMAZING! Congrats to this lovely couple!

  3. Aaaah so good!
    The couple is beautiful and so stinking happy! LOVE IT!!
    So many emotions in these pics.
    I love how you describe everyone doing their part. If life could be like this everyday, what a wonderful world it would be.
    Congrats Lauren and Stephen.

  4. Congratulations to to the newly weds!
    'The best proof of love is trust.'

  5. Those wonderful memories will stay with you for ever. Valerie

  6. That was so precious to read, so beautiful.

  7. What a gorgeous family...thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!! I love love love the photo of the sisters...pure joy on their faces!! Congratulations to the couple and you with your new son! I can't even tell you what a joy that is when you get a good one!! All the best to your wonderful little family!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Lynn, what gorgeous pictures! All the wedding party looked beautiful.

  9. So sweet! What a joy to treasure forever! Happy PPF :)

  10. what a really beautiful wedding-I'd have teared up a lot too. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing., and happy PPF!

  11. What a beautiful bride! What a great day! Thanks for sharing these photos and your sweet memories.


  12. What a gorgeous happy wedding day... the smiles are infectious ;D
    I can understand the tears Lynn, all very acceptable in the circumstances. I'd be in a heap too.
    Best wishes for a happy, healthy life together to the lovely newly weds.
    Happy PPF to you too

  13. Beautiful post, Lynn...it really is a very special time for a family. Bittersweet happiness, times gone by, and hopes for the future. It sounds like a beautiful and personal day of sharing and love...thanks so much for sharing it with us! Congratulations to all!

  14. Beautifully captured in words and photos! So special!

  15. it looked so beautiful... thank you so much for sharing it... the smile on the bride's face was huge!!!! and the photos show nothing but the love and joy you felt... what a wonderful day... xx

  16. It sounds like it was an amazing and beautiful event. Thank you for sharing your photographs and your joy! Beautiful!

  17. I love that first picture of the bride laughing. So dear.

  18. Ohhhhh! I love everything about this! You crack me up, BTW, and it looks like it was a huge success. The smiles alone say it all. And congratulations on your new SON, they are a beautiful couple! xoxo

  19. The top photo is SO sweet and happy - I think it's my favorite from all of these beautiful images. It looks like a wonderful wedding, and I'm glad your daughter and son-in-law could have such a memorable day.

  20. Congratulations from a blast from your past! 😃