Friday, April 10, 2015

Puppy Love

Meet June.

 She's a ten-week-old-puppy-breath-bundle of love.
And she isn't mine.
June belongs to my eldest daughter and son-in-law.

However, Miss June has been spending time with us for a couple of days while her "mom and dad" settle into their new digs.

Not that we mind.
June shares a lot, and likes to lay on a blanket in my art room.
I know, I know. She'll wake up any day now.
But by that time she will be at her house with mom and pop.
So, I'll soak up the puppy love for a few days.

Do you remember those first weeks with a puppy at night?
I think I've blacked them out. It's seriously been so long that all it took was one sleepless night to remember why I don't ever want a puppy again.
God Bless my daughter and her husband-youth is on their side.
I'll just do a puppy fix and hand her back.

Speaking of love-
I think you might love these....
(geez. what a segue.)

I call them "Small Truths" and they will be available at the Red Dirt Art Festival, Saturday, May 2nd.


The Balboa Art Walk, Sunday, May 17th.

They are simple, but carry a hefty message with each one.
The size is approximately 5x5 and they can hang or tuck into a bookcase or a bedside table or even a kitchen back splash to bring some truth into your day.

Short and sweet today, as I'm short on sleep...

 But very blessed.
Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Oh my- June is ADORABLE. We got a new puppy last fall and I do clearly remember all those moments. Lucky you to get to share some time with her and bond while she is so young. And also, your pieces at great. I love how the background looks and how it makes your words pop right off of it.

  2. Awwwwww. Puppy love. Yes, not for me anymore except to visit!

  3. June is a heart stealer! Taking care of a new puppy is like having a new baby! Your artwork is lovely, Lynn!

  4. Sweet.. oh yes like kids... I agree .. no baby puppy again... yes- how sweet they may be!
    Great pieces of art as well!
    Happy PPF!

  5. Cute pup! I'm with you, tho..they're a lot of work. I'm more of a cat person.

  6. Seriously if I didn't know better I would think you were speaking my words verbatim... I had dogs for years from birth to death...although I miss having a dog, I don't miss the work one single bit... When Cupcake gets a hankering again for a dog I remind her of how much work they can be... Thanks for the reminder!! That's why they are irresistibly cute....to con us into sticking around for what comes next....oh yes those first years are all about teething .. and chewing...and testing and training...lol Amazing artwork tool....simple perfect messages!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. positively ADORABLE pup! Right now hubby and I are dealing with an aging "pup" and though we have always loved having dogs we are getting tired. I like the idea of having a pup around on a temporary basis:) Cute canvases.

  8. June is definitely a sweetie and very pretty too, so playing grandma for a few days must be fun. I really like the texture and messages in your 5x5" pieces. Thanks for your visit and blessings!

  9. Fab texture on your art work and super cute puppy!

  10. The simplicity of your art pieces are very powerful. Beautiful! What a cute puppy!!!!!