Friday, July 10, 2015

Finding The Sweetness of Summer

This summer, I'm having to look just a bit harder to find the sweetness of the season.
Admittedly, it's thrown me for a little bit of a loop.
There's been a lot of soul searching and decision making, which sounds quite dramatic, but for a mamma's heart it has been.
There's been a a bit of a steep self-learning curve going on.

It's all sounding cryptic, which I hate. 
But honestly. I can't seem to put it all into words.
But I seem to keep coming back to words like
open hands

Then there's always 
no way, huh-uh, nope 
and yes, even some scowling

And then I get to focus on a project for a wedding, such as centerpieces and lettering-which brings great satisfaction and even a little tiny sense of balance.

I've been able to sit a bit under the twinkle lights, read voraciously, (i.e. escape through reading)

One morning, I blasted out a small piece for my living room wall.
Just "Love Lives Here" with high fluid black acrylic on some glass. 
It felt like normal and it felt good.

And this DOG.
Oh, she makes me laugh almost every day.

And these three make my heart squeeze a little tighter all the time.

So while figuring out which set of train tracks I'm on at any given time, (scowling or open hands) I'm thankful to find the sweetness of summer in many ways.

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  1. Beautiful photos and projects, Lynn! And I'm sending you a hug :)

  2. ooh I love summer !! Especially eating s'mores on the beach!! Happy PPF

  3. Sounds like lots of life going on there, Lynn. A time of changes and decisions here, too, and I am trying hard to do some of that surrendering. Praying for you...with your wonderful family and that heart-stealing dog, I know everything is going to turn out fine. xoxo

  4. Love the wedding lettering it's a stunning welcome!! My go to saying when full of doubt and wonder and worry...." Let go and let god" it's amazing how that works for me! Hope you find beautiful resolve to all your problems, and have a joyous rest of the summer! Thanks for sharing yourself so beautifully!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Summer time is truly a good time for reflections. I hope you will have peace and joy in this summer time despite the struggles and challenges in life. Lovely lettering, by the way! :)


  6. Wonderful lettering! Best wishes for you and your life!

  7. Beautiful pictures. . . wonderful, encouraging words. Unable to play any Flash. . .all browsers are getting rid of flash (adobe) now. Blessings, Janet PPF

  8. Life is full with so much on your plate. I love your lettering stye. I always wish other people could read my writing :) Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog. I hope to see you again!