Friday, October 23, 2015

Being A Light(house)

I love these kids for so many different reasons.

They bring so much life and energy to the equation - and lately?

Literally, I am SO. EXCITED. to share this with you all.

My eldest daughter and her husband have been working in South Orange County for a group called The Lighthouse Group. It's a non-profit that brings the young adults special needs population together once a week at a faith-based social group. 

After living in Redlands for the last six months,  Lauren and Stephen thought, "Why couldn't we bring this group to the Inland Empire as well?"
Why not, indeed.

Lauren and Stephen went to the board of The Lighthouse Group and they generously gave blessing to their idea and now the two of them are in the midst of gathering and planning and expanding.
A group for young adults.
With special needs.
Their very own club.

YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!

We have so many kids and parents who are so excited!!!!

Are you asking how you can be involved yet??
Do you want to know more??
You're awesome, and I'll tell you-

First of all, you can come celebrate with us at our first fundraiser at 

Saturday, October 31

Truly, we are blown away at the generosity of the people at this facility! 
To be honest, we are a little more than excited to spend the afternoon doing games, costume contest, raffle, silent auction, face painting and a ton more on these beautiful grounds.

We see God's hand ALL OVER THIS endeavor!!!!

I just see the gates opening wide for us to be able to make this happen for our kids.

If you can't make it to the Fall Festival, head over to 

Watch the video, (it's just the best) learn more about this incredible endeavor, make a donation, think about volunteering, make a difference.

From the bottom of our hearts,
Thank you. 
Thanks for taking time to read this and go to the website, for all your support and love.
Now, please excuse me while I go squeal some more and think up a crazy costume for the festival!


  1. Wow so excited for your family! Some amazing children you have been blessed with!! Great video! I feel this is the start of something big!! When they eventually branch out, and I believe they will remember Tamara is a local journalist in Vancouver with piles of clout!! Mr B will be probably be the perfect age when that happens!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. This is lovely, Lynn! Sounds like a wonderful group!