Monday, November 9, 2015

Finding The Perfect Gift

It's that time of year.
You know-gift giving, entertaining, spending time with friends and family.
Possibly fall or winter weddings.
(I had a Christmas wedding all planned out in my head at one time.
Too bad I ended up with a July heat wave.)

Do you wonder what to bring to these festivities?
If you are like me, I love to bring a little gift for the couple hosting the event. 

When the good folks over at Uncommon Goods asked me to take a look at gift ideas,
 I didn't need my arm to be twisted AT all to look at product from a company that connects artists to an online market place AND has a program called Better To Give, where customers can choose a non-profit for Uncommon Goods to donate $1 of every order.

I would love come into a couple's home that is all ready for entertaining and bring one of these sweet Literary Candles:

Maybe even pair it with the host's favorite book.

What about these fabulous bowls?

Can you imagine how cool it would be to open these? 
I mean how cool it would be to GIVE these. Right. Give them. To someone else.

What about this cheese board???

So cool. It would look great in my kitchen.
My friend's kitchen. 
I need to focus.

I gotta say, when I saw the coasters, I was thinking of the last wedding I went to and wouldn't it have been so cool to put where the couple's first home is located on the map??

Oh, my gosh-I thought these were fun as well:

Conversation starters. I love stuff like this. 

I fell in love with these gorgeous wine glasses

I don't even drink. But I'm sure I could find something to put in here.
Oh, wait. They are supposed to be a gift for a special couple.

Either way- a gift for someone special or for yourself, 
you are sure to find something at Uncommon Goods!

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