Friday, January 1, 2016

What The Heck Is Word Of The Year?

I've never liked them.
Personally, they go out the window in about four days.
Plus, they are too restrictive.

Such as: 

January 1st, my New Year's Resolution will be to only eat sugar on the weekend. 
January 4th: oops. Do chocolate covered almonds really count as sugar on a Monday?
Stupid resolution anyway. What if my birthday is on a Tuesday this year?
(insert buzzer sound)

Let's take a look at the Word Of The Year.
My word for 2015 was Gather.
My intention was to GATHER people together.
The whole year, I thought about the word, did art around the word, looked up it's meaning and practiced it when I was able to. I grew as a person when gathering people-large or small groups. It was amazing, and one of my all time favorite words.

There is no shame in failing with a Word Of The Year. (WOTY)
It's more of a process than hard core change.
It's gentle. 

When Sue and I do a WOTY workshop, there isn't any "shoulds" "what-ifs" or hard core anything.
In fact, here is what one student says about the work shops:

"Sue and Lynn create an inviting atmosphere where you are able to be real with yourself and reflect on your own identity in relation to the past, present, future. They help guide you in seeking out what you want in the next year of your life by choosing one all-encompassing word that you can hold on to in place of a list of tedious new year’s resolutions that you drop or forget by February. Choosing a word helps you to be specific about what you need while being broad to where it may lead you."

We explore together in these workshops.
You walk away with an original piece of art.
There is community, fun, laughter and great conversation.

Intimidated by paint?
Don't be.
I'm serious.

Sue and I will walk you through the steps of finding your word for the year as well as each step for the art piece.
It's such a great experience.
Guess where we are able to hold all the classes?

The Burrage Mansion.
No kidding.
I'm doing such a happy dance right now.
We are so incredibly proud and blessed to be partnering with Mansion Memories.
  Mansion Memories create Magical Days Events at the the Burrage Mansion for families in crisis.
You guys. 
It's just a win-win all around.

Grab your girlfriends, give yourself a night off at a beautiful location, and JOIN US-we have several dates available.

Questions? Feel free to email me by clicking that little envelope icon on the right side bar.
Also, if you would like more information on Mansion Memories,  visit http://mansionmemories.org/

Can't wait to see you in the new year....

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  1. I am borrowing my word from the first photo here: blossom. A wonderful word for 2016.