Saturday, July 18, 2009

Costume jewelry surprise

Hi All!

The other day, I mentioned to my mom that it would be fun to go through her costume jewelry and see if there would be anything I could use in my collages or altered dominos....or whatever!
Lo and behold, the next time I came to her house, this is what was waiting for me:

Oh, Baby!!! Now, there is nothing more satisfying to me than to dig through "stuff" and find treasures. I have found it is like nesting.  Plus, it was fun to go through it with Mom and hear why she bought something, or where it came from, and why she never wore it or quit wearing    

        a certain piece.  I happily brought it home and couldn't wait to set it up and show you all the fun, shiny baubles! There are a couple of pieces that I couldn't put into some art and give it away. One is a rhinestone button she remembers her Aunt sewing onto a blouse, (I have no idea how or why my mom has the button now) or a pair of sparkly, dangly "diamond" earrings that I recall from waaaay back.  Here they are in a sweet bird's nest I found in our front yard.       
Can't you just see a satin ribbon woven through the rhinestone button? Anywho, I had fun putting all the "jewels" into different areas and playing with seashells, birds and light. Ha! some of my favorite things.               


I will be on vacation next week. I know, I know! I just started this job of an art blog and I'm taking vacation time already??????
But of course, I will take the computer and camera and see what happens. Who knows, if I find free Wi-fi I can put some fun pictures on the blog. Otherwise, have a blessed week!



  1. Oh how fun Lynn! What a special time sharing with your mom. I love going through my moms things.. especially her china cabinet!! She probably has a place setting for each day of the week and each holiday! I am starting to look for depression glass.. there are so many designs but many are hard to find. :)

    I love the heart with pearls and the garnet dragonfly.. or is that a butterfly! Give your mom my love!!

    Have a blessed time on your vacation,, can't wait to see photo's..

  2. Hi Lynn! Welcome to the guest list! I can't wait to see your studio space!

    My Desert Cottage

  3. So glad to find your blog while blog hopping today. I love making new friends and finding new blogs.
    I enjoyed my visit to yours.