Thursday, July 16, 2009

My First Blog

After purchasing and reading my first Artful Blogging magazine by Somerset Studios, I thought,"Oh! I want to do this!!" Next came the thoughts of how, when, what to call it, would anyone read it? Would anyone like it? Then I purchased and read the next two editions. The May/June/July issue was the clincher. (Plus it's summer time, a much more relaxed time of the year for me.) The article by Debra Cooper from littleblackkitty.typepad.com was what did it for me. Her honesty and challenges about her art hit very close to home ... Could I be so bold as to post my art for all the world to see?? It is up in my home, I have done a couple of shows here in town ... but on the internet???  
Enter more procrastination. I need to unpack Brenna from camp. We are going on vacation. My living room is covered in laundry. My refrigerator is growing things that are unedible. It's hot. Don't we want to go swimming?? THEN I read a blog from thepolkadotbarn@blogspot.com about sharing your creative spaces. I want to join!! Wait, you need a blog??? Fine. Move the laundry over, and let's get this blog started!!!
So, to my friends old and new, without further ado, here is the launch of BlueSkies. Welcome!! I hope to share my art, thoughts, family, life's ups and downs, and grow to be good friends with all of you.

Here is my first try at posting the new summer banner I made at Debbie's Scrapping Lounge in Montclair, CA.  Enjoy!

~ Lynn


  1. Nice Blog page. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful projects....Tammy I

  2. Great job, Lynn! It's fun to see dreams become reality!

  3. Congratulations my friend!! Your banners are beautiful and I am so glad to finally see your work!! :) Did you know I was also a blogger? I Love this venue to post articles and art forms. For me it may be photography, a recipe or an appealing looking meal.. but it is such a good release of creativity and with all the encouragement from other bloggers and friends out there it is oh so satisfying!

    You did a great job with your first post!!

  4. Welcome to cyberspace. Its a great place to be. Love your first post and the art. Look forward to seeing more.

  5. good grief.
    okay, i just left you the best, longest comment and somehow it's been lost.

    let's try this again - probably not as long.

    first of all, before this all happened *and still*, i'm grinning this little grin as i type this, for two reasons...
    first, and foremost, because of how reading your post about B. made me feel.
    I adore her! I want to meet her! I want you to bring her to Texas to the ranch. Cows, goats, barns, greasy spoons, wide open spaces, pastures to take walks in, etc.
    and secondly, i'm grinning because i was able to help you make the decision to become a blogger.
    you're going to love it.
    you'll use it for your art, for your family, for venting (read my most recent post about Twitter - even though i was going for the humor aspect, i was half serious), for fun, you're going to love it! it's just like a diary online.
    at least that's what mine is:)

    i look forward to getting to know you, i am here if you need help with your blog, and please tell B. that my VERY hunky NINETEEN year old has worked in the church pre-school since he was 13 - and, now that he's in college, he's going for his teaching certificate to coach and teach history.
    (he'll be a sophmore at the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor)

    blessings, jan