Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Little Housekeeping

Hi friends!
Just an update to say thank you to all who left such encouraging and thoughtful comments when you came by to visit for the creative space party. It has been a blast visiting other sights. There are some truly creative people out in blogland!

Thanks to our sweet daughter, Lauren my husband and I are getting away for a couple of days to celebrate our 24th anniversary!!! Twenty four is a big deal to me, as I was 24 when we were married. To think that I have spent half my life with this amazing man is beyond words. We have grown so much over the years and love each other even more than when we first married!

When we come back, I'll introduce you to him in a proper way and then introduce my Lauren as well. AND I'll get back to creating! I have some great projects lined up: dominos, decopaging and business card holders......

Have a great day~Lynn


  1. Congratulations my friend!! You have no idea what a blessing it is to be reminded of your 24th Wedding Anniversary!! I'll never forget the smile on your face as you walked down the isle. Though miles and time have separated us a bit.. you and your hubby have always been in my heart and your wedding day was one of the most special days of my life!! Have a wonderful time celebrating your love together!!!!

  2. I'm excited to meet mr. wonderful and your daughter! i look forward to your return:)