Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Banner Re-do


Well, looking at the banner, it definitely needed to go somewhere other than the bathroom. Even though Pam suggested it stay in the bathroom, since that is where so much time has been spent lately. Thanks for the encouragement, Pam, but I want OUT!!!
So. Off to the living room it went, up and around an old screen I have that was my mom's for years and years.

It looked a little lonely, so I added tulle to the back.
Then I noticed the chain looked funny, 'cause all you could see was the white of the back of the paper. So....I re-photo copied the sheet music front AND back.


Much better!
Hey, How did this guy get in here??


Yesterday, I told you I would have more fun to share by way of the Dollar Store. I found this way cool website, Tidymom. She had the most adorable, affordable ideas for Christmas decorating. Hop on over and check out her website!!
I took myself to the Dollar Store, in the rain and cold and found all the cool supplies. ( Good thing I went when I did, I have been stuck in the house with poor, sick Miss B. Wait, did I say stuck? I meant nursing my sweet child back to health...)


Candlesticks and some glass jars. The glass jars were in the candle section as well. E-6000 I did NOT purchase at the Dollar Store-I wish!
You just line the rim of the candlestick with your E-6000 miracle glue and holding the jar, stand over the candlestick to see where it is centered and just plop that glass jar right on top of the candle stick.


Now, did I stop at the Dollar Store and keep it way cheap? Ha. Big Lots was right across the street.


I paid $6.00 for the short glass vase (it's nice and thick) and $10.00 for the stand. I needed some height for my project. Yeah, that's it. Height.


It's 16 inches tall. Hey- one dollar for every inch. I stayed in my budget!!

Here is how it looks all put together:


Yeah, I was pretty pleased, if I do say so!


All the fun inside the cloche is from the Dollar store and I added a little Christmas bling to Mr. Birdie. Inside the glass hurricanes that are behind the cloche? Dollar Store. Love it!!


Now, I will say that I love the shine of the real glass balls. Nothing beats it. But I can live with imitation for now. The glass mercury balls are real, though!  Guess what? The silver tray? Yep.


Sometimes I feel silly saying how cheap everything was. I would be the first in line to get an antique silver tray, or vintage glass balls, or get my vases from Pottery Barn. But that's not where I am right now, and I have a feeling a LOT of people aren't there right now. I do like mixing things up, and there is a satisfaction in not blowing a ton of money!


Enjoy mixing old and new!


  1. Lynn your display looks BEAUTIFUL!!! - hey, guess what I did with mine yesterday? - I added Epsom salt to my jars for "snow'! (I'll be taking new pictures for next weeks posts)

    I love the pieces you got at Big Lots - I need to go by ours, it's new and I always forget about that place!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love the banner! I also love the mercury balls but I don't have any. Beautiful displayQ

  3. Lynn, the banner is gorgeous! And I love the way your glasses turned out, the whole table top is lovely. I had seen where 302 Sycamore had originally posted and I went and got the same stuff too! LOL. but I have not put mine together yet. Yep, old and new together is a win win! :D

    yapping cat

  4. OK.

    I admit it.

    The banner looks better in the living room.

    It would look great anywhere.

    And those glass holders!!!

    Oh, my!!!

    I would never have thought of that idea.

    Those mercury balls came from the dollar store???

    I think you must have better dollar stores out there..............

  5. GORGEOUS!!! I, too, am a total Dollar Store shopper and proud of it! Have you ever checked out the site dollarstorecrafts.com? If not, you should! And you should see if you could link to it if you do any more Dollar Store crafts!