Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hello, friends! I am hoping you all had a beautiful Christmas. We spent ours with long-time friends and family. Doug has taken off from work and we are having lots of fun together.

 I thought I would show you how a Southern California Christmas week looks for us.
First off, we went to Big Bear for an afternoon with some friends to try inner-tubing. It was cold for us-a whopping 39 degrees! I must say, I had a blast throwing myself down a large hill on an inner tube, (I do love speed!) but my back was complaining just a bit by bed time that evening. Sigh.

 The place we went to was great. When I asked if I could accompany Brenna to help her out, they comped me a ticket and I went in for free. (Inner-tubing is not cheap in So. Cal. What is?) So, Lauren, Brenna and our friends two sons, John and James went in. Yes. I was the only adult flying down the hill.

My job was to launch Brenna down the bunny slope, run down to the bottom and help her up, then hike back up with her.

Oh, my, she had fun!!
Meanwhile, Lauren and the boys were having a great time up on the big hill.

Then, Brenna got REALLY brave and decided to try the big hill. Lots of times. Till we ran out of time, actually! Here are the three of us going down.

Boy, that was a challenge! The slope had an "escalator" going up, which was nice. Except Brenna had a hard time finding her balance, so I would hang on to her and walk up while she rode up, as there wasn't room for two people side-by-side with two inner tubes!! Yes. It was worth it!!!

The boys. (Older boys)

Packing up for the day.

The drive around Big Bear Lake.

What a great day!

More after the New Year- we are going on another So-Cal adventure!

Have a joyful time ringing in the New Year. My wish for you this New Year is for a year full of joy and peace and knowing grace in each of your days.
Much love, Lynn


  1. You could come to my house and play in the snow. I don't have any tubes, but I'm sure everyone would have a blast using a shovel...

    Looks like you all had a great time!

    That last picture is priceless!

    Have fun on your next adventure!!!

  2. Wow that looks so fun! Happy New Year Lynn!!!

  3. What joy! Sending you our snow...haha!

  4. How totally fun!!
    I thought about you yesterday as I watched the Rose Parade.. do you miss volunteering to build the floats and apply the flowers?? :)

    Also.. whoever does your hair does a beautiful job!!