Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Still December

Hey, Friends!

Let's see....Since I last left you, life has been up to it's usual tricks. Wendy and I had a blast at the boutique. I, unfortunately, forgot my camera, so I am waiting to get her chip downloaded on to my computer and then I will have pictures for you. We did fairly well selling the dominoes, but the best part of the whole day was the speaker who reminded us to take a few moments each day this month for reflection and to give thanks.
During the boutique, I was in the midst of a nasty cold. Have you ever had a sinus headache where you are acutely aware of you eye socket?
Last night, Brenna surprised us by having the stomach flu. All night. About every 20 minutes until 3:30 a.m. and then we slept until 5 and then the last round hit. Thank God she made it to the bathroom every time. TMI?? Sorry.
I am trying oh so hard to remember to take a minute and reflect. Right now my reflections aren't sounding too good. But I am trying.

O.K. enough yakking! Where are some pictures????? Wendy and I got all crafty after the boutique and each made a Christmas banner. IF I had remembered my camera, I would have shown you Wendy's banner. It's really way cute. So, all you get today is mine. It was so nice to decorate something other than a domino!

Banners are very difficult to photograph. Does anyone have any suggestions?

We glittered our own letters. Ha ha ha!! There was
glitter EVERYwhere! Now it's all over the house and not on the letters. Any suggestions for making it stick?

I also made a chain out of sheet music and added some stickle for sparkle.  I love making chains, don't you? The snowflakes are from the Dollar Store. Watch out if you cut them in half-they go flying pretty far!

Now, where to hang the banner?  It ended up in the bathroom, but I think it will be moved to somewhere in the living room, as the colors are better in there.

But I do like it against the mirror. Hmmm.

Nah, I think I will move it to the living room.

Okey-dokey. Time to post this. Stay tuned for more fun from the Dollar Store!


  1. Lynn, this banner is so GORGEOUS girl!!! I just love it...be sure to show us where you ended up hanging it, OK? Thanks so much for stopping by to see me today, xxoo, Dawn

  2. I LOVE reading your posts and seeing your pics and creativity!! There is light in the world, even among the cooties :-) You're the BEST!!

  3. Hope everybody there is feeling better!

    Maybe since there was so much time being spent in the bathroom, that is just where the banner needed to be?!?

    Where ever it ends up, it sure is gorgeous!

    I have no hints as to how to take a photo of a banner....I have enough trouble taking a picture of a 15" necklace!

  4. Lynn,
    Wow your banner, really is eye popping, gorgeous! I am struggling this morning, getting my nerve to go to this shop. I asked my teenager(13) her opinion. I said, look at what i have made and tell me, would it fit in an Indie style store, her words echo my gut feeling, "No".
    My friend's style is Eco friendly, mine isn't. So, I struggled the past days...her words, sew garbage on paper...
    recycle type. I have been in this shop, it is woven rugs, rugs with neckties coconut purses, belts made out of soda tabs, ooak purses.. Maybe it could be my style, if i had more time and there wasn't a major holiday, baking and mailing holiday pkgs...tis the season for chaos.

    So, Happy you did well, love your banner, so much detail...sounds like you have had some
    struggles and things are looking up for YOU!!!

    Love the banner and the paper chain...simply
    beautiful...can't wait to see more pics!!!

    I need to check out the Dollar Store...great find!

    Nerves, can't really do a number, listen to your gut and continue on YOUR path!

  5. WooHoo- I cannot wait to get my altered dominoes!! What a women to pack them and mail them to me after a night of the stomach flu.You are the BEST!! I love all your new art stuff and bet your house looks great for the holidays. Did you get your tree yet?

    Your check is in the mail!! Really it is!!
    Thank you so much!

  6. Hi Lynn,
    I can't wait to get a better look at those dominoes! I am so glad you did well. I agree with you on the words of wisdom, though...we loose track of what the season is all about too easily.

    I am mega busy with this pain clinic. This week I have either PT or Pool Therapy four days a week. Today was my day off and we have tons of snow and ice. I am moving to San Diego! I really am exhausted from all this.

    I adore your banner. I think you should sell some. It is WONDERFUL!!! You have such a talent!

    Big hugs,

  7. I love this banner. Just found your blog.
    How artsy are you! Have key will follow!