Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Babysitting A Labrador.....

We had so much fun babysitting, well, DOGsitting this past weekend!

Meet Roxy:

I know!! Isn't she just the best????
Miss Roxy isn't quite a year old and has WAAAAY too much energy.
But we helped her expend some of it.
And, yes. It was fairly early in the morning, which explains Brenna's p.j.'s!  (About 7:45. I hope my neighbors didn't mind too much...)

First, Brenna shows her the ball.
Second, Brenna chucks the ball as hard as she can into the pool, and Roxy makes a dive for it.
Make that launches herself into outer space.

In she goes!

the ball is retrieved, and her mission is accomplished.

Now to the business of shaking off excess water. None of likes excess water retention, right?

Roxy will now do this over,

and over,

and over,

and over.

Until half of the pool has been emptied,
or we are soaking wet,

or until we just say, "game over."
Then she gets very unhappy and just does NOT understand why she can't come into the house.

Happy dog!


  1. you just crack me up :-)At least you aren't going to buy this one...

  2. How cute! Brenna looks like she's having as much fun as the dog. That shot of the dog outside looking in is just adorable. Pulls on your heartstrings.

  3. there's something so sweet about a dog
    or young child who can do the same fun
    thing until the cows come home!

    it looks like roxy was well taken care of!

    your daughter is precious, what a killer

    one of my best friends has an autistic
    daughter, and the other has one with
    down's syndrome. they are both very

    thanks for dropping by. i love meeting
    new friends.


  4. I just love the pictures of Roxy! So funny! Yellow labs are one of my very favorite dogs! Sounds like you all had a blast! Brenna is so sweet! I hope she had a wonderful birthday! Have a great day :)

  5. This post really made me smile ... Love the photo of jumping in the pool with ears airborne ... great capture ... all the photos are super!
    Fun Fun Fun

  6. I am completely smiling at this one! My favorite part is at the end when you get the full, wagging, dog moon.

    How much fun is this??

    (And I have stayed in jammies later than 7:45. Just felt like admitting that...)

  7. I love a dip in the pool, who doesn't? ;) Looks like fun!!!

  8. Lynn,
    What a cute dog! I have gotten to know a couple of labs in the last several years and I love them! The are so much like little dogs in big bodies, in fact, I love when they put their rear ends on your laps and their feet on the floor and think they are sitting on your lap!

    Brenna looks like a willing thrower. What cute pajamas she has on!

    Great post, Lynn. Love this dog!