Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jack In The Boxes

My Aunt Jerrie has a son-in-law named Ed. I think it's really Santa, but for now we will stick with Ed.
Ed happens to be a manager for Lowe's.
My Aunt called him and told him about my Rudolph Saga.
Ed told her he would check it out and see if there were any more Rudolphs left.

About a week ago, my Aunt called me and said there were three Jack in the Boxes left. 
In the Nation. 
And they only had Tigger.

Call me nuts, but I ok'd the Tigger to be shipped to our house and told her to give Ed a big hug.

We received a box two days ago from Lowe's and I just got to it today. I thought about just wrapping it and putting it under the tree, but decided I should check out Mr. Tigger and see if he functioned well.
Considering the past and all....

The first thing I found was this:

I am totally serious.
I thought it was a joke at first, then I quickly recovered from my shock and
I ran to my closet, shut the door and wound the handle to see if he worked.
He did-like a charm!!!!
There weren't supposed to be anymore Rudolphs!!! But I had one in my hands in the closet!!

Guess what else was in the box?

They are now wrapped and ready to be put under the tree. My Aunt and her family had money on if I would cave and give it to Brenna before Christmas. No way. I can't have another Rudolph break on me before Christmas...

I believe, do you?


  1. I am such a sucker for a happy ending! You got me all choked up reading that :) I'm so happy they found it, well both of them!

  2. Awww...this is just so great! Yes, Lynn, there is a Santa Claus...

  3. Yup.

    I believe.

    And God bless Ed.

    And Lowe's.

  4. WOW...TWO?? Tigger is way cute too. Jerrie rocks...as does Ed. Wooo Hooo!!

  5. Oh to be a fly on the wall and see that precious girls face when she opens that box!!!

  6. I believe with all of my heart and soul!!!! I'm reading this post while laughing and crying at the same time! Yes, Sweet Lynn, this is the Season of Miracles!!! Merry
    Christmas to you and your beautiful family!!! Holiday Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. Hi Lynn,

    I'm so happy for you. Brenna is just going to flip when she sees both Rudy and Tig under the tree.

    And yes, I believe! I believe because even when stuff happens, too often good stuff is just around the corner. Or in this case...working at Lowes!

    Love to you,

  8. ooo how sweet and wonderful

    dh and I checked our local Home Depot and Lowe's and they were wiped out Christmas stuff

    Christmas surprises are the best...

    Lots of Love and Joy to you and our planet!
    Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours dear Lynn
    Hope the rains are not a problem for you all
    fa la la
    ho ho ho

  9. Oh Lynn! That is so wonderful! I even looked at our Lowes to see if they had any! :-) This is just about the sweetest thing ever I can't wait to hear how Brenna reacts when she opens it!

  10. Yup. I believe.
    What a wonderful story and wonderful Ed the Santa Claus!

    If I don't get back on here, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I'm so glad that I met you this year in blogland.

  11. I just finished reading the whole back story of the Rudolph saga. (Sorry, I'm a little behind. Most of December has been a crazy rush.) I'm just so happy you were able to get another one for Brenna. Who cares about age appropriate at Christmas anyway. This year we gave my eight year old daughter a princess dress-up dress. She still loves to dress-up with her three year old little sisters but has outgrown most of her costumes. Annoyingly, they don't make many princess costume dresses in size 10, but thankfully I was able to find one online. It won't fit for long but she loved it and wore it all Christmas day. I'm just happy she still loves the simple things in life because there will be plenty of time for "age appropriate" down the road. Brenna is such a sweetheart too. I hope she always finds joy in those simple things for a long time to come.
    April from HomeHinges.com