Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome Christmas!

How's everyone doing? Are you all still sane? Or are you saying "Fiddle-dee-dee" like my friend, Anita. In the midst of decorating, I decided to make myself a banner and join in a "Playdate." Cause, you know...there really is nothing else I could be doing.....
So, I decided to join the Gang at  The Play Date Cafe and try their red and white challenge.

Looks like fun, huh?
I decided to make a new Christmas banner:

I'm pretty happy with the results...

Isn't he the sweetest? I used Bo Bunny papers for the images.

The background paper and glitter letters are K & Co.

My art room of course, its an utter disaster. I'll just close the door. (fiddle-dee-dee.)

Plus, that way, Miss Party won't eat anything from what's on the floor.
Happy Monday!!!


  1. Beautiful!!!! Miss Party helped didn't she?! Of course she did - your banner is still intact isn't it ;) Sorry, I couldn't help myself - it's that being good thing...I still have a few more days to be mischievous...


    Romeo (who didn't eat the banner either)

  2. I LOVE your new holiday banner, so..so cute!!!!
    I have been sooooooooo sicky with a cold caught by the kindergarten monkey Kai...yuck! I lost my voice for 3 days & pray to get well soon, although for some reason my husband always seems to be smiling whenever I look at him! ;)
    Hugs & A Hard Candy Christmas Friend...
    Susie Q

  3. What a beautiful banner, Lynn! I love the images you used and the embellishments are perfect, too! So glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's craft room is a wreak! I vow to get mine organized come January!!

  4. Lynn,
    That banner is gorgeous! I love it so much!
    We leave tomorrow. Thank you so much for the fun ideas!

    Love you, Lynn!

  5. That is really unique and pretty!
    Speaking of your work area...you should see my kitchen! Whatever falls on the floor "Miss Lucky" eats it...and my floor is spotless!!!!!
    I wish you patience and good results! Kisses!

  6. Oh My Goodness.. Your banner is beautiful.. Some many wonderful elements. My craft room is always a mess. I am just thankful (like you) that I have a door to close..

    Hope you have a wonderful day my friend....

  7. What a beautiful banner! LOVE it--love the vintage feel and that glitter! FAB job--Now I want one in my house:) Thanks so much for playing along and joining in the fun over at the PDCC:}

  8. I'm not sure if I'm sane but I do know people would be mad not to like your beautiful festive banner! Thanks for playing along with us at the Play Date Cafe this week!