Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back Home

We are finally HOME.
At least for a week!
The house is in summer mode, which means wet foot prints all over the floor from the pool, videos and coloring stuff, puzzles and books are mixed in as well.
Race Across America stuff has overtaken the living room and dining room in full force.
I can't remember the last time I cleaned my floors, cause I can't FIND the floors.
I love summer.

I had to show you what else was covering my living room floor.

On our journey home, there was an antique store across the street from a gas station we stopped at in Cumberland, Maryland.
The guys thought we were stopping for gas and getting lunch at Wendy's before hitting the road.

I beg to differ.

Before they could say "order to go", Lauren and I, Elizabeth, Linda and Camila were running across the street to the antique store yelling, "We'll meet you at Wendy's in fifteen minutes!"

My dream came true of finding one of these wonderful, old scales. My friend Linda, from Itsy-Bits-and-Pieces showed one of these on her blog and I fell in love.
Hard and fast.

Until I priced them out here in Sunny So. Cal.
$40-$50 for one of these beauties!!!
Not in Cumberland...
It was $15!!!

Well, the gig was up. Every time we stopped for lunch, we looked for an antique store.
We found a perfect one in Indiana.

I snapped up this gorgeous old book with the title,
Patent Office Report


Just in case you needed to know about Pisciculture, it's all here.

Of course, I neeeeeeeeeeded another old dictionary.
Really, I did.

It killed me to pass up all the antique places across the country after this. I'm sure you can relate to being stuck in a moving vehicle for 10-12 hours a day, needing to cover 3,000 miles in five days.
The guys didn't stop near any more antique stores after Indiana, so I just watched them all go by in a blur out my window.
The other ladies felt bad for me.
I was pretty sorry for me as well.
But I am determined to go back and look.
Plus, I could visit so many of you along the way.
Now THAT'S the way to do a road trip in the summer!



  1. Major scores, my friend. I cannot pass up a dictionary. And it has been getting hard to find keys...very hard.

    We are home now, too, and Jud's sister just got here from Yankton (where Jud's parents are. I really like here but I am longing for peace and quiet. No guests. Jud loves guests. He is sleeping off the last chemo. I am glad for that!

    Sending hugs,

  2. Great roadtrip. Love the scales. Ginger

  3. Oh the scale is a beauty, Lynn...such a great old patina and charming rustiness...perfect! Love all your goodies!!

  4. Now that sounds like a perfect roadtrip my friend. Sounds like your are have the best summer. I can so relate to the wet floors. But like you said that is what summer is all about..
    I love it..

    Hugs, Linda

  5. I've been following your trip, wow looks like you guys had quite a journey!

  6. please tell me that you picked up some (all of the) keys, especially the one with the scrolls on it. for me of course :-)

  7. HaHa!! I'm sorry but that part about "I felt sorry for me too" cracked me up.

    Oh, I relate. I'm usually riding with Speedy Gonzales who zips right by the fun stuff, especially if it's an antique mall or store.

    I love your stuff!

  8. oh boy all those wonderful keys....i'm feeling sorry for you too. men just don't understand.

  9. OMG!!! What GREAT finds, Lynn!!! I ADORE searching thru antique shops -- 'specially when they're off the beaten track. Here in the NY/NJ area, everything is so bloody expensive. And when we're on traveling on an interstate, I always wonder how many treasure troves we're zipping by!!!! Love your new treasures!!! Hugs, Terri oxox

  10. At least you were able to snag that great scale. Love the color! And that was a great price too :)

  11. Oh man...great finds and excellent prices. Don't cha love it!