Thursday, July 28, 2011

Try Something New

This week, I thought I would join Amber over at starfish blog for the "Summer in Snapshots" series. I thought I was on the ball and getting it done a day early, but it actually began yesterday. Plus, these photos were from two weeks ago. So, I figure I'm spot on.

This is Mary and Marissa.
I met Mary online through the National Down Syndrome Chat Room.
I learned she lived close to my sister, Carol and a wonderful friendship was born.
I think the first time we met, the three of us closed down a restaurant.
The second time we met, it took us 6 hours to cover everything we wanted to talk about.
It was Epic.
This time, we got to meet each other's daughter's.
Only for 2 hours, but Epic in it's own right.

Brenna and Marissa found out they each like Justin Bieber, American Idol, art, camp and had many other similarities. Marissa is bright, funny, outgoing and just an all around sweet heart. Mary is a gal after my own heart. A killer sense of humor, a core of strength, the best laugh and always her daughter's advocate. Love her.

Hop on over to Amber's and see what others are doing this week!



  1. How fun that not only you made a friend but so did Marissa and Brenna. Cute pictures, you all look like you were having a great time!

  2. I would definitely call that meeting in the chat room a very cool move from the hand of God. That is the only possibly explanation.

  3. How precious, Lynn! Nothing better than bosom buddies with kids who love our kids, huh? We're still missing our best friends, Mom and daughter who moved to NC. We were so blessed to be able to enjoy them for 13 years...but sure miss them so much!

    Hugs to you!
    Have a joyful weekend!
    The girls pics are priceless!

  4. How wonderful.. It is so cool to meet someone you can connect with that way.. And your photos are awesome.. Looks like everyone is having a great time..

    Hugs, Linda

  5. Those are great summer snapshots :) But I'm wondering where is Ms. Party with her summer do?!?! I mean you know how you girls go to the beauty shop and show them a picture of how you want your hair cut....well, how would I ever tell them I would like a trim like Ms. Party's?!! Oh wait, maybe a doggie cut on a cat wouldn't be such a good idea. Ah....never mind ;)

    Purrs for a great week!

    Romeo and "her"

  6. These are the sweetest pictures ever! Love that you found that wonderful connection! Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my recent debut!

  7. These are great shots. It sound like you two have a fun time together.
    I'm always so late finding out about these great photo assignments! Is it an ongoing thing?