Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Morning, friends!
I'm sitting at my most favorite place in the world, Laguna Beach. Lauren and I have a tradition of escaping here while miss Brenna is away at summer camp. This year I am so grateful to be able to continue the tradition. Especially with Lauren getting older, the time spent with her is especially sweet.

While she is meeting some friends for breakfast, I am continuing to work on the art journal I began in Pam Garrison's class.

One thing I am trying to focus on while working on this journal is having fun! Pam was so encouraging in getting us to realize that this doesn't have to be a sellable work of art. It's intention is to get us to experiment, play, discover, and create. I find my mind filled with thoughts that I want to put down on the paper. Every time I sit down with the journal I tell myself, "just put something down- just begin and see what happens. The creativity will come or it won't. If it does, be thankful and enjoy it. If it doesn't, get up and enjoy something else!"

What are you sitting down to today? Or are you getting up and enjoying something else?


  1. Well look at how wonderful this page is!!! You can't force creativity -- looks like your Muse was talking and you were listening!!!

    My husband and I took a trip to CA a few years ago and visited Laguna Beach and Balboa Island -- one of my favorite trips of all time. Enjoy your mini-vacation!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

  2. Nice sellable piece of art...hahaha!!!
    Really it is charming but fun is first!!!
    Big hugs,

  3. I'm glad you're getting a nice rest at the beach.
    As for me, I have a case of creative ADD. So a little of this... Do a little of that... Go back to this... Go back to that...

  4. Laguna.. I am so jealous. Now that sound wonderful.. Yep, I will try to do a little creating myself.. We will see what happens..

    Enjoy my friend..

    Hugs, Linda

  5. A few years ago and I also visited Laguna Beach and Balboa Island with my friends, it was my mini trip but one of my favourite trips of all time.
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  6. Cool! I'm glad you are having fun with it. Yeah, I get the same way too. I used to have an art teacher that used to fuss at me all the time, and tell me it was not rocket science. He would even put paint on my paper to get me started. I think you will hit your groove!