Friday, September 2, 2011


Happy Friday!
Time for another Random post, as my thoughts are flying all around my brain and I think it's best to set those thoughts free.

Is it really September? Really?
I'm so not ready for pumpkins.
Even though I could be tempted by my friend, Becky.
Very tempted.

I'm trying really hard to give up Sweet n Low. I hate this. 
I hate this because there is nothing better to me than a big, cold, icy glass of tea with lemon and that stupid pink packet.
Brenna's cooking teacher tells her classes that aspartame is from the devil.
I love nothing more than my venti decaf coffee from Starbucks with TWO of those heinous packets.

Today I cut back to one and a half.
It was a big deal. Very BRAVE of me, in fact. Don't you agree? 
Someone please agree with me.
Maybe next time I will do one and then some sugar in the raw. (which doesn't dissolve very well, by the way.) But what if I go to a coffee place and they don't have sugar in the raw? Just the pink? Do I use the regular white sugar? (gack)
NO one has agave....I do like that in my coffee at home. I do NOT, however, like Stevia. I prefer metallic tastes to not be in my coffee.

I am trying to make our own bread.

 Have you read the ingredient label on a loaf of Sarah-Lee Whole Grain white? Yeesh. 
Brenna does not care for home made bread so much.(?????) She does like the pretzels as shown above. I regrettably gave her a turkey sandwich on a Sarah-Lee Whole Grain White hamburger bun for school yesterday.
I cave easily in the morning.
She also took Ritz crackers. If it weren't for the carrots and dip, I think my food police conscience would have locked me up and thrown away the key.
I will be strong from now on.
Especially when Brenna asks to buy hot lunch at school. Don't even get me started on the crap food they sell at school. Some things are just not o.k. for a person with a low metabolism and a bombed-out thyroid and a general dis-like of exercise.

I'm also realizing that in wanting to build up my art work, I actually have to DO art work. It's kinda intimidating when I think of creating for more than a week. Exciting, but intimidating. Please don't think I'm stalking your blog if I come and visit every day to see if you have done something new. It's just that I might need some inspiration.

Does anyone do Instagram??? I love it. It's an application for your phone and you can create cool pictures. You can also network with other people. I'm not sure how, though.
This is my favorite one so far. I took it while we were driving through St. Louis:

I'm learning a lot about networking from my class I'm taking from Kelly Rae Roberts
Good grief. It takes TIME. 
Facebook, twitter (does anyone do twitter?), fan page on Facebook, (which, by the way, you can see mine if you click on the face book logo under my profile. It's not much right now, but it's getting there.) Etsy, Linkedin, blogs, finding challenges, flickr, groups on flickr...
should I stop now?

I think that's all for today.
I might add more later.


  1. Girl...I'm LOVIN' THOSE PUMPKINS! Absolutely FAB!


  2. Oh how I love your random postings!!
    Its like catching up with a friend in a mere second of reading. LOL
    Loving the pumpkins for sure.
    They have made an appearance in my home as of late last night, the great pumpkin made a visit to celebrate the coming of September. :)
    Let me tell ya, I so agree with you on how hard...brave, it is to give up something you love sooo much and just seems to make your day all worth getting up in the morning.
    I am addicted to sugar filled coffee and I gave up for almost 2 months but guess what I am like a crack addict and have gone back to my dealer for my fix everyday, lol
    It just tastes so darn gooood!
    and I am much easier to live with after it touches my lips ;)
    Brenna sounds a lot like me.
    I am extremely picky but at the same time I can not tell ya what I am hungry for even if I am starving.
    Blach, school lunch, such bad memories.
    Okay this is an extremely long comment lol
    Good luck and keep truckin' on the art and networking. It will pay off big time, i just know it.
    And btw, love the pic of my home :)

  3. Love it, love it, love it.

    Another "I should try this" post idea from the fabulous Mz. Lynn.

    I'm sure there are plenty of us Pinball Brains out there to create a link-y party out of this one.

    And that YOU should be the one to learn to operate the link-y thing.

    Because it is obvious you are much more of a techie than moi.

  4. When you said random, you really meant it. LOL

    I was nodding pretty much through the whole thing, especially about the cafeteria food. Unfortunately, I was going to suggest Truvia (Stevia) oh well...

  5. Ugh! I know what you mean about things taking so much time! I thought technology was supposed to save us time, it just sucks up mine. Blogs are my main source of inspiration. Love it here!

    I do face book occasionally, joined linkedin but don't know what they do there and I keep getting requests from people I recognize, should I know them???

    Follow Barbara Bush, Arron Rodgers, and Martha Stewart on twitter, she posts ALOT.

    Just recently discovered pintrest(sp) tumbler and we heart it? Hugh time suckers but so much fun.

    Aspartame is from the devil, huh? What a way to go! I recently gave up coffee so I'm no fun at all. Good luck, Susanne.

  6. Are you taking "Flying Lessons"??? I took that ecourse last year, and it was one of the best things I did for myself. After taking her class I started my blog, and wow, what a journey that has been so far. Now I have my own Etsy shop. Over the course of just 15 months... I don't do twitter, but I also have a Facebook page. But honestly, Lynn - take it one step at a time! That's the way I did and for me it worked out pretty well. Otherwise I'm afraid it's getting overwhelming.

  7. Oh, Lynn,
    I am so out of control with sugar and carbs right now...and loving my caffeine free diet coke...sigh! To think I was doing so well a year ago. Such is life. We will get back on the good eating path.

    Thanks for the note, sweetie, and i will get back to you.

    Love and hugs,

  8. I just love reading your random thoughts.. They are so real.. I have to say I love the little pink packet myself.. My hubby is trying to get me to go strait up black.. No can do..
    I do hope you have a artsy week..

    Hugs, Linda

  9. sweet, sweet blog! so glad to have found it. my very favorite sugar "alternative" is REAL maple syrup in my coffee. it's super delicious! xo

  10. I just LOVE pumpkins -- any shape, any media, any form. And I love pumpkin pie, and pumpkin coffee and pumpkin mouse almost as much as you love that darn pink packet! My personal addiction is popcorn. Yup! I just love everything about the stuff. We all have our addictions!

    Clicking into and onto the matrix takes time - lots of time. It was beginning to take so much time for me that I had to unplug for a while. I was on networking overload. I just want to blog for fun and to make friends. We'll see how it goes. You'll have to tell me how you like the class. I was tempted -- very tempted! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

  11. someone above suggested Truvia... it is PART Stevia, part juices from some fruits. It looks just like sugar... no aftertaste. I have only found a couple brands of pure Stevia that doesn't leave an aftertaste... one of them is Trader Joe's brand, the box of packets. But if you have already decided no to straight stevia, I do suggest the Truvia. I was impressed!

  12. Very proud of you for cutting back. I, myself, has switched to the yeller one. NOW, I'm not really sure if its any better...but I gotta have sumpin. Stevia..ugh. My true desire is the little brown packets of RAW sugar...yeah, about 15 of em....yeah...sweet tea baby! :)


  13. I have good news for you!!! Sweet & Low is not aspertame. Sweet & Low is saccharine! You're good! I always tell myself that my grandmother used saccharine all her life and she lived to be 83! (I leave out the fact that she didn't who she was or where she was for the last 7 of those years). :)