Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

I thought I'd have a little fun today by joining in on the Scavenger Hunt going on over at Ashley's blog.
I found out about it by looking at my friend, Linda's blog. ( Make sure to take a look. Linda has some fabulous photos!!)
Each week, participants are given a list of things to search for during the week. I have to admit, I forgot what they were all week, until Friday. I would see something and think to myself, "hmmm, that would make a great shot. I wonder if it's on the scavenger hunt?" Great logic, right?

Here is what was REALLY on the list:

Monochromatic/Analogous color:

this was extra tough, as it's been hotter than a lot of our summer days this past week.  Today it's gloomy and chilly. A woman at church this morning was wearing the most gorgeous scarf in a shade of sage green I had never seen before. Since it's probably not real appropriate to take out my Iphone in the middle of church and snap her photo, I asked Miss Party to pose. She is wearing one of my favorites that I bought when I went to India.

Next is Low Key.
You aren't really supposed to pull out of your archives, but it was either this or the one Doug took of Brenna and I last night watching USC get slaughtered by Arizona State. Let's just say I was so tired last night, I was asleep by 8:30 and the photo reflects that.
Instead, I'll pull the one from Michaelangelo's Piazza, where I caught Lauren in a very quiet moment by herself:

Circle is next, and I saw this on my walk this morning:

Next is phone. Phone? That's what I thought. How boring are phones right now? They all look the same. They are all cellular.
Except for the two I found in the new yogurt shop last night.
It only cost me $2.18 for this photo.
I went back in today after church to ask to take a photo of their phones and I just couldn't pass up a little bit more of the peanut butter frozen yogurt. Just a little.
It was worth it for the photo of the phones.

There you have it.
Take a minute and stop over at Ashley's and see what others caught this week!

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  1. Great series love the phones.Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Yea!! How fun!! So glad you played along.. Your shots look great. I just love how Miss Party posed for you! So sweet.. And of I would say 2.10 was worth it.. You just don't see phones like that anymore..

    Hugs, Linda

  3. I really like your interpretation of phone. And your pup is so cute!

  4. Great Shots. I love the phones!

  5. These are really great - love your third and last shot. Lovely job.

  6. great shots Lynn
    How sad was that game last night :(
    Can't win em all I guess, ;)
    I just love that shot of Lauren!
    What a view.
    Have a great Sunday evening

  7. Great shots - love those phones!

  8. I really love your pictures Lynn! They are so varied and interesting. Glad you had fun searching : )

  9. FUN set. Love the old phones ;D

  10. Those are some old school phones, love it

  11. Love your scarf shot and those phones!

  12. Great shots! I love your phone shot and the scarf the best. Well done!

  13. I love you photos... especially the scarf. He looks so peaceful!!!

  14. love that you "paid" for the phone shots - - I'd probably have gotten the treat too. And your interpretation of low key is wonderful. A low key moment, for sure!

  15. I've got to take a hop to that blog. I need something adventurous in my life right now, and that looks fun.

    My favorite is the shot of Lauren, even though you kind of cheated by pulling from the archives.

  16. What a great set of photos....especially the scarf photo. And agree...what a terrible USC game...

  17. This looks like a fun meme! The phones were a real score!