Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Splash Dogs 2011

 Over the weekend, we went to see Splash Dogs.
It is, by far, one of my most favorite sporting events.
Let me show you why:

Large or small, these dogs want to JUMP.
 They fly off of a dock into a 28 ft. pool with utter abandon for one purpose.
 Retrieve The TOY.

If it's not with utter abandon,

It's with complete and total focus.

I had the best time snapping away with my camera. 
Some of the dogs went so fast and so high, I completely lost sight of them and ended up with shots of just their paws!

Here are some of my favorite flyers~

This little guy is all of 16 inches long.
He jumped 8 FEET!

The toy is bigger than his head!

No matter......

Now, some dogs just didn't want to go in.
Nope. No way. HUH-UH.

Can you just hear her?
"Really, mom? Are you suuuure you want me in that water?
'Cause I'm think'in it's not happening."

I'll end with the longest jump of the day.
20 ft.
No kidding!




I'm hoping to go the finals mid October.
Yeah.....I'm smiling!


  1. So glad the postcards arrived. You're welcome!

    These shots are super! So fun :) Love their intent focus - we should all be as focused!

  2. Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun! You managed to take some awesome action shots! I think our little cocker spaniel would be one of the hesitant ones, she hates the water! What a great day!!

  3. Those are such fun shots.. I can see why you want to go back... Your photos are amazing you should play in scavenger hunt Sunday.. It so fun!! You have a week to find 5 word prompts..


    Hugs, Linda

  4. Oh, Lynn! Those are so precious but not as precious as you sharing your joy on my blog. It made me happy all over again!

  5. Amazing photos, my Friend.

    So when are you entering your sweet pup?!?!?!?

  6. This looks like SO much fun...I would be in my happy place...Thanks for sharing!