Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm here-really!

Spring has sprung while I've been emptying a house with my sisters.

We have worked over a week straight and the house goes on the market as of today.

A very strange feeling to say the least. All the familiars are gone.
Packed away, given away or sold.
I just had to have a brain made out of steel to not think about things going out the door.

I will say there were some great highlights between the three of us, which I'll share later.
I just wanted to give a little shout out to let you know I haven't dropped of the face of the earth.

Happy Spring!


  1. Oh Lynn, I am so glad the physical part is all over for you and your sisters.
    The mental will, I'm sure, will always pop in to your thoughts.

    But think of Spring and be happy.
    I know you will find a way to focus all your thoughts into your art.

    Glad to have you back!
    I have missed your posts.

  2. Dear Lynn,
    My heart just aches for you. Each of these steps much feel like part of the ending. I have not done any of the physical removing yet and I can't imagine emptying an entire house. What a hard path! I am anxious to hear of the highlights.
    Our alley neighbors, who really only knew Jud, brought a new puppy over to see me the other day. The son kept saying, "We know you like little dogs." It was the sweetest most comforting gesture...full of grace.
    i love you, sweet and wise woman!

  3. Thinking of you Lynn.
    Happy Spring:)

  4. hello lynn, glad you have that huge task behind you. i hope you can find some time for yourself now, and let that springtime sunshine rejuvinate you.
    it is snowing here right now...as in whiteout blizzard. so get out and be loving some warmth for me!
    (i'm really hoping that little gnome is happily in your garden and not on the sidewalk waiting for the trash man...) :~)

  5. I know that this has NOT been easy. By the grace of God we live, and by the strength of God we plod through the living when the living is just not easy. I hope it sells quickly for you!