Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hi, All!
I finished my large canvas.
And I'm going bigger...
I have this huge need to cover something BIG.
Maybe I'll tackle my living room wall with graffiti before we paint it again. 
Just 'cause I could!

Have you ever wanted to paint on something LARGE?

Maybe because you had something to say, or share?

Maybe to get you outside of yourself?

This was a very meditative process, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Laying all the paper strips down was great. I have had glue in my hair for days.

The full saying on this is, "What lies deep within her heart never dies."

For me, that means things like joy, passion, strength, faith, hope, freedom, dreams...

What lies deep within your heart? 
Does it need to be said out loud right now?
Does it need to be put into BIG letters to be heard, even if just by you?
Go for it.


  1. Lynn! I love this. It is both very cool and very beautiful. You have such great talent. Creating BIG is wonderful and sometime so freeing. Are you going to sell this piece, or is it a keeper?

  2. Love love love LOVE THIS. Hmmm, I just might help you with putting graffiti on your LR wall!

  3. Lynn, this is a great piece.
    I LOVE the color and boldness of this piece.
    It speaks from your heart!
    This would have so been excepted here for the book show, your use of book pages, and paper strips is so cool in your paintings.

    Once a year I do a very large piece just to get it out of my system.
    But I really prefer doing smaller art. I can really relate to what you mean about shouting out to let others hear us. I think your use of color in this one really shouts to the heavens!

  4. Well first, I love the art. It's wonderful and I'm glad you did it BIG. I also find the message so inspiring. I'll be thinking this evening about what I would write on my wall.

  5. Beautiful, Lynn! I love all the elements and wonderful colors!

  6. What a lovely canvas my friend. So many yummy colors and I love the design.. I have to say "BIG" scares me.. I just bought an 8 1/2 x 11 canvas and it scares me.. And that's not even that big. I don't no why it scares me.. There is always gesso to cover up my mess right... Congrats to you on going BIG!!

    Hugs, Linda

  7. I love this piece Lynn! I just know that if you did your whole living room wall, you would not want to cover up your beautiful graffiti :)

  8. Wonderful work, Lynn...and I'm with you on filling a wall with bursts of creativity!

    I'm just coming out of a difficult spell and your post is a timely reminder that sometimes one needs to leap back into things just when it seems the hardest to do so...:)

  9. I absolutely LOVE this, Lynn! You are really rockin it with your art!

  10. WOW I like this ALOT!! just beautiful! Stay inspired:))

  11. This is totally gorgeous! Love it. Glad to find you from Harmony's blog... have just become your newest follower.

  12. Never have been one for painting large, not that I don't admire it, but tiny just suits me for some reason. Love what you are doing here. Looks great. And speaking of, isn't this you here?