Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do You Remember Prom?

Do you remember prom?
I don't remember a lot these days, but I do remember prom.
Not with a lot of fondness, but I do.
I went to an ex-boyfriend's school prom as he couldn't find a date, and, what the heck, did I want to go?
I said yes because I knew I had a snowball's chance of going to my school's prom.
It was, of course fabulously awkward in that he really didn't want to dance and the couple we went with never got up out of their chairs.
At a dance, for crying out loud. Isn't that why one goes to a dance? To throw yourself in the midst of the crowd and the music and laugh and whirl and make a fool of yourself and have the best time of your life?
When my date decided we should go out on the balcony to mess around I planted myself firmly in my own chair. 
Denny's afterward was the highlight of my evening.
Ahh, well.
There are other proms.


Such as the one we were priveleged to attend at our church for our Adult Disabled group, proudly known as Light and Power.
It was the.best.time.ever.
All are welcome and the high school group loves to come and mix it up with everyone.

Brenna put on her party dress, her sparkle boots, I quick curled her hair, and we were ready in a jiffy.
We met up with some friends for a bite to eat before the dance.

Janelle and Brenna

No, the purple wasn't planned.
It was just destined!

Took a bunch of fun pictures and headed out for some fun.

Don't you love big sisters?

Let me tell you what, the minute we entered the room, we began to dance.
For three solid hours.
No messing with this crowd. We are here to have FUN.
And DANCE. And laugh, and whirl and not care and be free and all be together.

There were folks in tiaras, sweats, suits, tuxes, prom dresses, their shiny best and orthopaedic shoes.
There was no room to be shy or be a wall flower.
No anxiety over who was dancing with who.
There was a court and a king and queen, and we cheered for every one of them, loud and clear.

Just together.
Having fun.
Not noticing if shoes were on or off, if you were dancing to the beat or not, or even how you danced. Every time I turned around, someone was starting a conga line with a wheelchair.

I guess what I'm getting at is the freedom of it all. 
Someone would come up, grab your hand and you began to groove.
If they were done half way through the song and they left, well, you just danced by yourself or turned around and joined someone else.

It was magical.

Old friends and new,
enjoying ourselves til we couldn't stand anymore.

We sang to Justin Bieber, The Bee-Gees, Jayson Derulo, you name it.

I think I saw Brenna twice.
Dad tried to dance with her, but he was rebuffed.
I guess some things never change.

Then again,
when some things in life do happen to change, as in what it's like to attend a prom...
it's all worth it.

(all photos courtesy Janelle Nichols. Thanks, sweet girl!)


  1. WHAT FUN!!
    This sounds like the best party ever!!!
    Everyone looks so incredibly happy :)

    Love Brenna's sparkle dress.

    I don't know what prom was, wasn't allowed to go :(
    Can't imagine it was this fun though.

  2. I am so glad I stopped by for a visit! This is probably the only blog post I'll read before bed tonight, and it made my day.

    What I wouldn't give for a prom like that.

    And Brenna? She looked like a stunner!

  3. Brenna looks beautiful, her smile is as sparkly as her dress! It sounds like everyone had a fabulous time! My prom story is not nearly as wonderful as the one you just went to, let's just say that you and I have equally bad prom stories from our "hayday" and leave it at that. ;)
    Thanks for the smiles,

  4. What a beautiful family. I'm so glad you danced...and danced...and danced.

    It's what life is all about.


  5. Looks like it was a wonderful evening! Such fun! I didn't go to my prom and I sort of wish that I had. Hoping my son will go to his this year. It's his senior year!

  6. That looks like a blast. I never went to my prom.. A bunch of us got dressed up and went out to dinner and then went go cart riding in our dresses. It was a lot of fun.

    Brenna looks so pretty. I do believe dancing is good for the soul!


  7. I went to both my junior and senior prom and was miserable at both! Now THIS looks like a prom I would love! Just magical. I love it!
    Big hugs,

  8. Lynn, what a beautiful blog!
    Such lovely girls too!

    I loved reading about the prom, it looks magical!

    Rachelle x