Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Ramblings

I'm going to Ramble just a little bit today about something I am not familiar with, but thought I would share with you.

My daughter introduced me to the concept of Lent last year. Our church does not observe the season of Lent, so I was curious as to why she was participating. Her answer was simple, really. It was to give up something and focus on God instead, especially during the times of the day that she missed what she gave up. My eldest, not one to mess around, gave up bread. Talk about challenging your mind to focus on something else!
I did a little research on the subject and in my readings, 
came across this blog, and it gave an easy to understand version of Lent.

I made a decision to give this a go, but chose something a little different to give up.

My diet is restricted enough as it is, I don't drink or smoke, and I have had to give up coffee off and on throughout my days with Ulcerative Colitis. 

I chose fear and anxiety that accompanies fear.

I don't mean fear as in I am afraid of the dark, or fear of heights. I'm so bull headed, I could make myself get over that and tell myself not to whimper along the way.

I mean fears like trusting God to open the right doors. To provide during change. To take me through change and come out the other side in one piece.

 Anxiety like feeling I have to make everyone around me o.k. Anxiety such as burying my head and pretending it's not happening or on the other extreme, running around getting whatever I can done so life will run smoothly at some point.

So, what DOES it look like to turn your back on fear and anxiety? 

I think it will be a mixture of letting go and making a mental choice to not dwell on the feelings of fear and anxiety or give them voice in my head as well as walking toward activities I think might work. Even if I don't know the outcome in those activities, I kinda need to try and if it doesn't work, stopping is O.K.
I think it also there is a tiny possibility it could maybe, sorta mean taking a look at control issues. 
But one thing at a time.

Now that I think I'm going to go throw up because I'm putting this out on the blog, I'll let you know how it goes.

I'd love to hear how you turn away from fear and anxiety as well. 
Maybe giving up coffee isn't such a bad idea...


  1. Lynn, when I was still living in Germany, the concept of Lent was quite familiar to me. Our big Karneval (mardi gras) or Fasnet is actually the last big celebration before Lent starts with Ash Wednesday (that's why these celebrations take mainly place in the Catholic parts of the country). I have never really participated in Lent due to not being Catholic, however I do like the idea about it.
    I would love to let go of my own anxieties, or let me call it worries. I worry way too much and often have not enough faith to just trust that a door will open (so far, it always has - perhaps I'm afraid I'm running out of open doors?). I am interested to see what your experiences will be like, and wish you all the best for it. Thank you for sharing about this!

  2. Lynn, if you wrote a book, I'd buy it today! This is beautiful!

  3. Wow, this gave me goosebumps, Lynn...it would be a beautiful way to live a whole life. So much wisdom in this post...thank you for sharing! XO

  4. Lynn you have such a gift for writing and I loved reading this... hope you didn't throw up... chocolate will settle the nerves... or tea... but for me blogging has been a big tool for overcoming anxiety... every time you post and find that people take the time to comment, or that you connect with someone else then the anxiety dissipates a bit... and I like that you can't control reactions or responses... it all happens as it happens...
    I loved this post and hope that observing Lent helps you think through it all... looking forward to reading more about the journey...xx

  5. Needed to read this, Lynn, as several doors are opening WIDE just as finances are constricting TIGHT and I have to have faith that I will be OK - meaning, not living in fear and anxiety. Eeeeeeasier said than done, right? Right. So...taking a deep breath and jumping right in there, and there your words are! Thanks, sis.

  6. I'm always so glad when I come to your blog. So interesting that I read this right now, Lynn. I was raised Catholic and lately I've been thinking about going back to church. I was just telling my husband that I was planning on going this Sunday and, lo and behold, I read your post. I guess God is pointing me in the direction, LOL! Similarly, I'm looking to let go too. Particularly, my knuckle-headed ways...self will and selfishness. I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes for you. Thank you for the link you shared about Lent. Fran T xo

  7. I'm with Nancy... if you wrote a book, I would buy it. t.xooxoxoxox