Monday, February 18, 2013

Roaring Like A Lion

How's your lent season going?

Mine? Well, lets just say that when one decides to give up fear and anxiety,

they come ROARING back at me like a lion.
Anxieties run rampant through my mind.
Fun things, like death and destruction and general mayhem run around and my mind freezes up just a tad.

"Don't let go of US" scream the mighty twosome.
They are powerfully loud.

Shall I scream back?

Well, screaming "Shut UP all ready!" kinda helps.
Then I remind myself to get quiet.
Breathing helps.
 It's an amazing gift we have been given. Breathing loosens up fear and gets your gut to unclench.
Praying is awesome over all the little things. ALL of them. Send them up. 
The most amazing thing happens....the little things get released. 

I'm reading Help Thanks Wow, by Anne Lamott. I highly recommend it.
Reading these devotions for lent is awesome-(thanks, Paula!).

Getting quiet to me is the most backward thing I could possibly do when Fear is roaring at me.
Should I not be flailing around, trying to go into some kind of action instead?

Painting helps. I'm quiet when I paint. Time is released, ideas are put aside and I concentrate. 

Hands open kind of a day. 
Just today.
So humbling.


  1. loved.this.so.much. t.xoxoxoxoox

  2. Hi Lynn
    You know how much I enjoy your posts this is no diferent. Sending prayers your way to keep the lion calm. Hugs to you


  3. I heard that! Giving those things up is kind of like saying "don't think of a pink elephant," and that's all you think of. Anxiety is that way for me too. Paint your way through it! XO

  4. Hi Lynn,
    Those things that grip up don't like to release their hold, do they? I sing praise songs and have a few verses I think or say and any anxiety is gone. So glad you're finding things that help!! Fear is no way to live!! Oh and of course, your art is awesome! :o)

    Hugs to you!

  5. When I am stressed, creating helps me, too...I get so involved in what I'm doing, I forget to think about what is worrying me... Your art is beautiful, Lynn!

  6. It's like you're reading my mind! Some comfort in knowing I'm not alone in these feelings. Going to be quiet and paint- and breathe- right now. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Hi Lynn,
    Reading your last two posts, I see that you've tackled a couple biggies for Lent. You are brave and yes, coffee would have been the easy choice! But, good for you. Sounds like you've got some positive alternatives.
    I'm afraid I have a bit of experience with fear and anxiety of late...fortunately, it seems our prayers have been answered. The angst of fear and anxiety are definitely not desirable. Wishing you the swords to slay those evils, or keep them at bay.
    Blessings to you,
    xo A

  8. I have been absent for a while so I am just reading your lent choice now. EXCELLENT.

    I tend to try the "Shut up" technique, but it doesn't really work. I need to learn to respond with quiet and to let God be the master of my quiet and not the other guy.

  9. I know creating helps me also. And your pages here look wonderful. Big Hugs to you my friend. You will be on my mind.