Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Ramblings

I'm so happy it's Friday.
I have computer work to do, but first I have to do something fun.

It's also a make a second pot of decaf-light my Anthropologie candle-listen to Zac Brown Band-make your day really fun- kinda day.
(I blame the computer work.)

I saw a cute-as-pie banner made with Washi tape in a paper store this weekend and I thought I'd try it myself.
I bought my tape at Happy Tape; a perfect name 'cause this stuff does just that. It make me happy.
(The black and white I bought at Target)

Plus, it's one of those days that it's so gorgeous it hurts.
How do teachers keep going after Christmas until Spring Break?
I think I'd plan a field trip a week during this time. And hold all my classes outside.

Back to the Banner.

 I rolled out my tape onto a cutting mat so I could make even cuts every two inches with a razor.

Then I pulled a string out of some burlap, ironed it out with my flat iron because I'm too lazy to drag out my iron for a piece of string and wrapped each 2 inch piece around the string.

Next, fold the tape and cut up from the end to make a notch.

Hang somewhere cute.

Then go outside, cross your fingers and hope that ground hog named Phil doesn't see his shadow.

Aw, heck. 
Let's really enjoy the day...
Buy some candy hearts and leave some by your family's plates tonight at dinner.

You could even cut paper hearts out and decorate them with Washi tape.
But make sure you keep the extras from that box of candy hearts in your car. 
It does wonders for the day.


  1. This is so cute!!!!!
    I definitely need some happy tape in my life!!!
    It is not quite gorgeous here yet. Still a bit nippy out but the sun is shining.
    Maybe by next week outdoor activities will be on the list.
    Have fun and have some hearts and coffee for me :)

  2. I have a whole basket full of washi tape that makes me very happy just looking at! Sometimes I even use it!!!
    A string washi tape banner is a fabulous idea! Thanks!

    You were so sweet to include me in your features at Crescendoh's. What fun to notice myself up there! Thank you so much for the thrill! Love you!

  3. Your good mood is infectious, Lynn...I need to go make something and get a cup of coffee! Such a cute little banner! XO

  4. To cute Lynn!!!! And yes washi tape IS happy tape :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Hugs and purrs,

    "her" and Romeo

  5. I just love your cute banner. I have a about 8 rolls of washi tape. Have not even used it yet.. I know, Its a sad story. But I see a tiny banner in my future. :) What a happy post my friend.